"You Shouldn't Be in this Hospital Bed"

by Phil
(St. Louis MIssouri)

After my wife filled in my cardiologist on my lifestyle, those were the first words I heard from my cardiologist as he visited me for the first time in the hospital following a heart attack (completely blocked left side artery) and a double by pass. He said I was an anomaly. Those were the last words this triathlete, practitioner of healthy eating, and son of two parents with no heart history wanted to hear.

Nonetheless, there I was. And yes, every ache and pain for months afterward created concern (enough for a couple of ER visits which turned out to be surgery healing sensations).

My rehab was excellent to the point where I resumed an exercise regimen until a month ago when I experienced atrial fib. A heart specialist performed two oblations to cauterize the parts of my heart that were misfiring. After the second procedure (the first one did not take), a vein in my groin was nicked from the catheter causing a hematoma which resulted in intense pain, a technicolor leg, and anemia. Four weeks later, the colorful display has finally faded and allowed me to resume exercise.

Medication issues from the first heart attack also caused my thyroid to go wacky.

I was able to muddle through the heart attack without serious depression, but the hematoma put me over the edge. I now know the fog that envelops people with depression. What a cruel condition! With the help of medication and a gritty determination, I am successfully working my way through this. My heart is functioning well at the moment, so letting depression bring me down is just not in my playbook. I continue to run, bike, and swim and eat healthfully. Although I feel like a walking chemical plant at times due to the meds, I realize there are people far worse off than me. More importantly, I understand more fully that life is not like a script for a play. Going with the flow and coping with what genetics and life deals me is the best I can do. I will enjoy every day!

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you shouldnt be in this hospital bed
by: Anonymous

I rode my bike extensively and I was not over weight. Had two heart attacks in 2009 while riding my bike even though I ignored the first one thinking it was heart burn due to having eaten the good old GU. However, I have an extensive family history of heart disease. I fought with my cardiologist for three years after having an unnecessary bypass and 3 stents. They finally found the blockage in 2012, which finally made me feel human. Meanwhile I continue to ignore the medical staff who recommends low fat diet and exercise. They really DON'T know...it is all guess work and they mostly follow propaganda already established by the pharmaceutical companies along with antiquated guidelines recommended by a few nonprofit ASSOCIATIONS.

frustrating isn't it
by: Lora

After exercising and eating right and still having heart disease, I get so annoyed when doctors advise me to watch what I eat, walk (I have been an avid hiker). They can't tell me to watch my weight because it's fine.

Yet another admirable response
by: Brian from North Carolina

Keep it up Phil.

Sometime's life's not fair
by: Sandra

but then again, there is the old saying, "when you get lemons, make lemonade!"

I too had a hematoma after one of my angiograms. not a pretty sight!

Depression after a heart event is very common. But it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Let us know how your story continues to unfold.

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