Yeoman Accountant

by Lee Gregg
(Arkansas City KS)

Age 64, 37 tax seasons, past smoker. CABG (3) after unknown heart attack. Sense of well being diminished after leaving hospital and multiple life style changes needed. Walking daily and attempt to eat proper diet now. Spend around 10 hours sleeping. Depressed that I can't take care of my own yard and other things. Have always tried to be self sufficient but now must rely on others to help. In general I worry that I can not be the same strong person that I have been most of my life. CABG was three weeks ago and except for tightness in chest I feel fairly good.

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Hello Lee
by: Glenn in Thailand

Don't worry, you'll be back to 'better than normal' in a very short time. I had quadruple bypass 3 years ago and was feeling very similar to you. Amazingly, and thank goodness our bodies have a way of fighting back and replenishing it self. Get plenty of exercise and as I am sure your doctor has advised, to keep your cholesterol low. I am taking 10mg of Crestor daily and my cholesterol has been very low even though I eat eggs a couple of times a week and other fats. Just yesterday I had my cholesterol checked and it was overall 125 .. LDL 67 ..Hdl 43 (needs to come up a bit. Bottom line, I feel great and you will as well. hoping for a total speedy recovery for you....
Glenn Rose 71 living now in Thailand

Your new life is just beginning
by: Brian from North Carolina

You have new plumbing Lee. It's as good as having a new heart. It's as good as having a 20-year warranty. I had my triple about 15 months ago. I've since met several people still breathing 10, 15, even 20 years after theirs. Three weeks? Be patient brother. You dumped the cigarettes. So did I, after 30 years. Damn shame it took a heart attack for that to happen, but oh well. Limiting the saturated fat? Exercising just about every day? You're doing all you can do. Give yourself some time. Have a good cry or two. Thank God for the things you love every time you see, hear or feel them. Read the posts on here and see people in far worse shape than you. That's all I know to say. I hate to see you or anyone else beat down by this. This site is about helping people who are walking the road we've already walked. I hope I've done that. God bless you. P.S. I cut my grass today. I'm not so sure I'm thankful for that part of my recovery!

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