by dwight
(New Zealand)

Hi, my name is Dwight, About 3 months ago I had a chest infection, didn't think much of it, so I put off going to the doctors, about 2 weeks passed before I made a appointment. The Dr sent me in for routine chest x-ray and prescribed antibiotics. About a week later Dr rang so we made another appointment, So i when in,... Sorry Mate, you have an enlarged heart and we need to do more tests. Aye!. First C-T scan then Ultra Sound, ECG and MRI.

The Next thing i know!! I have been diagnosed with a heart condition (Aortic Stenosis and Coarctation of the Aorta and need Valve Replacement )

As of Oct 4 2011 I am not wait to meet the surgeons.

Has anyone had valve replacement ? Tissue or Mechanical the cardiologist is pushing hard for that. But I have done my own research and I think the Tissue is the best option. i am only 30yrs.

please check out my site.


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