Wife of quad bypass man

(Frederick, CO)

Husband has extreme chest pain. Started after surgery and the drs. thot the wire holding the ribcage together should be cut. Now, has pain ranging from a 2-3 to very intense. Upper body exertion, cold air, unknowns set off the pain. One ER dr. called it a phantom pain and administered Valium--another gave nitro. He takes gabaPENTIN DAILY, and sometimes hydrocordone for the pain. Does anyone else experience this type pain? Mayos said it was not heart related. Pulmonologist says it is muscular/skeletal. ER dr. says, unfortunately, there is no test to determine the exact origin of this pain!

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3x and in pain
by: Anonymous

iam 53 years old and had a 3x bypass six months ago and feel worst now than i did before the op i have chest pains most of the day breathless when i walk any sort of distance ie 100 meters been to the local hospital several times ie chest xrays eco sound and ecg . its as though the doctors seem to think that its all mucula and basically get on with it thats my experance yours mr lord

Phantom Pains
by: Brian from NC

I'm about 18 months post triple bypass. I get weird little feelings in and around my chest all the time. I've just a few months ago had stress test and nuclear test and everything checked out fine. Virtually no damage from the heart attack and my ejection fraction is fine. Every part of my heart is getting the blood it's supposed to get, so lack of blood or oxygen is clearly not the cause of these little "pains." They're scary because, well, having almost died once ... lol. I have a chronic orthopedic problem with left shoulder. Aches from time to time. Where does shoulder end and chest begin? Who can say. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that from my experience, what's going on with your husband is not unusual. Good luck with it.

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