by Don

I was 48 two years ago October 26th. I felt like the tip of a pen or pencil was sticking me just to the right of my left nipple. I felt that on and off for about a month. I would stop give it a rub, drink a beer have a chew (Skoal) relax and I felt fine.

Until one Sunday morning, I woke up feeling great did the usual grooming activities dressed then jumped up out the door and headed to my pick-up headed to the ranch for a day of work and fun. I did not quite make it to my truck I stopped in my tracks with severe shortness of breath. No chest pain, I just could not move without feeling as though could not get enough air. I then slowly climbed into the driver seat, strapped in, took a big dip (Skoal Original, fresh can too) adjusted the XM Radio and sat there wondering what in the heck was going on with me.

I scared my self enough to take a drive over to the nearest ER. The closest parking spot to the front door was about 150 yards. I sat in that spot for about 5 minutes thinking I was way over reacting and all I really needed was a cold beer and a big chew, I think I told you I loved Skoal Original Wintergreen (since I was 15) I decided to go ahead and get checked out, i thought it couldn't hurt, it might just be wasting everyone's time.

Now that 150 yard walk to the front door of the ER was the worst walk of my life, people actually saw me struggling and did not offer any help.(I should have called 911 way back at home) I made it in the door and a few words to the person addmiting and through the double doors to the triage.

5 hours later all the test done Super Doc said "well you did not have a heart attack" I said good I'm ready to go home and I feel great (I wanted a cold beer and a chew)

Super Doc convinced me to ride in an ambulance about 40 miles south to visit a more cardiac equiped hospital. He made me feel bad and even offered me 40 bucks for a cab ride home if it turned out to be nothing.

By now the sun is down and I'm checked into a semi private room with no one in it but me, and boy did i need a chew, heck it has been hours, I think they call it "Jones'n" The most beautiful Asian nurse offerd me something to take the edge off I gladly accepted, good #$&% man. Good night I slept like a baby (love that stuff)

Now a cardio Doc wakes me up and goes through the possible scenarios and types of stents all of which he said don't count on needing as this angiogram is just in case. So more of my favorite feel good juice directly in the vien and away we go. (needed oil on one of the wheels, too squeeky)

"Houston we have a problem" Sir I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is you are alive it seams you have beat the "Widowmaker" Bad news you need bypass surgery. Say what, I'll need to schedule this I need to get some things together first. Cardio Doc said no you don't understand you need this now they are preping the OR now, your LAD at the circomflex is 99% blocked.

Ok so call my people let them know and can I have more of the good stuff I am nervous as #$%@. Next thing I know I have two people shaving me. One of them not a bad looking youg lady working my chest and stomach, now the other dude had tatoo's, he looked as if he spent some time in the big house, he had ahold of "slim jim and the twins" cold.

I do not remember anything more until I woke up. I have to tell you about that later.


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Your story
by: Rocky Leonard

I love the animation you gave. Good story. I am 49, I was 48 when I had a cabg x 4. Glad things turned out for you. I had a widow maker as well. I had a heart attack, but never knew I did. I am 1 year after. What a year. Not good, not bad. Just different. Good luck and take care. Great story too.


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