When will my energy return???

by Craig
(SE, PA)

It has been 6 weeks since my CABG x 4, I am a 44 y/o male, who has finally quite smoking. I did smoke right up to walking in the hospital door, as I had for 30 years. I smoked walking in the same hospital my father was wheeled into in 1993, on his 49th birthday, where I watched them work galiantly to try to revive his battered heart, unsucessfully. But in my infinate wisdom I STILL smoked, even knowing that his father, was taken at an even younger age. Genetics.

Anyway, for 2 or 3 years before my surgery I was SO TIRED all of the time, and the Dr's had lots of reasons for this, other than what it actually was, my heart. I had the Surgery in early May 2012, and I am more wiped out tired now than before the surgery. Everyone told me that" you are going to be amazed at how much more energy your going to have ", but so far I am more tired than before the surgery. Is this because it is too soon, or is something still wrong? I admit I am now a little paranoid that something did not go well with the surgery. Every pain I feel in my chest, which are probably from having it split in 2 37 days ago, or if I get a little out of breath, I am in fear. First, I never want to go through that god awful experience of post-op again, and I definitely do not want to die. I have been walking most every day, at least 5-6 days a week, and I am up to 2 miles of a pretty hilly course. I can accomplish this with relative ease, but sometimes walking to the kitchen, or saying a long sentence I get a little out of breath. I can not figure that one out, if anyone else has had such a problem, I would love to know. However the main thing is when will some of the energy I have had my whole life, tons of energy, start to come back. Is it just too soon??? Thank You to everyone, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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when will my energy return?
by: Ernie

I felt weak and found out that they had damaged my phrenic nerve and half of my diaphragm was not working. In addition, STATINS and excessive amount of beta blockers were not helping at all. I quit the statins and got off the beta blockers a year and a half after the bypass even though I kept telling the cardiologist that something was wrong. I had a heart attack in 2009, got a non medicated stent and later a bypass in 2011 because the stent got blocked with scar tissue. I also argued with my cardiologist because I knew that things with me were not correct. If you believe that your doctor knows about your body more than you, then you will be in trouble. Good Luck

Too soon
by: Brian from North Carolina

Too soon dude. Give it some time. I felt like i'd been beaten with a bat my first night home from CABG x 3 in May 2010 (I was 49, by the way, and smoked my last cigarette in the hospital parking lot as I waited to go in. Hilarious, right?). Anyway, the first morning after I was home, I walked the kids to the bus stop. It's maybe 100 yards away. That was about my only movement for a couple days. But every day I increased it. Now, two years later, I jog, walk, ride bikes, whatever. I don't know that I ever felt magically better, with some dramatic increase in energy. Hell I don't know if I ever "felt" better, other than feeling good to be alive. And I trust my docs. And my God. Good luck to you. This is a dramatic thing we go through, but I remain so very thankful that the means exist to extend my time on this earth. I'm sure, more than anything else, you feel the same way.

Give yourself some time
by: Sandra

Hi Craig,

I'm 58 and had open heart surgery in late November. It's now been over six months and I do have my energy back - I feel great!

It was a gradual process - and certainly at one and two months post-op I did not feel much energy. I slept a lot and got tired out very quickly. I had to increase my activities very slowly.

Your body has endured a major trauma and it needs time to heal.

My surgeon suggested to me that my energy would return over a six month period - and he was right. Give yourself some time (a few more months) and if you still feel your energy hasn't returned talk to your doctor.

Congrats on walking and quitting smoking. Keep up the good work!


No energy?
by: Dixie

Speaking of energy returning, I am a 75 yr young Senior who has experienced two (2) by-pass surgeries and am living with a second upgraded Pacemaker/Defibrillator. In addition, I had a Splendectomy, and am presently being treated for two (2) crushed back Vertibreys as a result of falling down a pair of basement steps. My primary Doctor suggested that I have the Thyroid checked.
BINGO! I started taking Thyroid Medications, and the Doctor suggested that i take CO Q 10 to help strenthen the heart. At one point I could not take a shower with-out getting out of breath accompanied weakness. Please tell your Doc to have your Thyroid checked. I have more energy, and feel 20 yrs younger. Just wanted to wish you the best in your endeavor to get well. Dixie..

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