weight loss and buzzing head

by Jeff
(Bathurst NSW Australia)

My name is Jeff Im a 50 yr old male . I am 8 weeks out of quadrupal bypass . about 4 months ago I started losing weigh fast i dropped from 75 kg to 68 in about six weeks I was getting drawn in the face felt like crap my head was buzzing inside driving me mad I could not concentrate when it was at its worst around dusk .. it had a lot of pain in right shoulder and back also but was used to it as I am a builder . the day of my heart attack I woke up had my shower coffee and smoke felt great and off to work . at work I started to get pain up the back of my neck into my jaw and my mouth started watering . like it does before you are going to vomit .. I said to my mate what does a heart attack feel like Joking he said if you where having a H/A you would be rolling around on the ground .. so off we went both on jackhammers stripping tiles of a massive shower room inside a goal .. I doubled over a couple of times during the day in pain . but didnt want my mate thinking I was a wimp and kept up with him all day . at Knock off time I drove to the hospital for a check up .. yep I had a heart attack all right .. .. anyhow 8 weeks later and Im ready to go back to work and am still off the smokes .. and am putting weight back on up to 71 kg now and no more buzzing head .. anyone else have these symptoms ??

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Weight loss and buzzing head
by: Anonymous

Gheeze... No.. Never had those symptoms... Just b/p that would rise and drop, and I would pass out..along with a weakness in my left arm and irregular heartbeats...never actually had a heart attack, and although stress test came out ok.. I still feel something is just not right...hope you continue to do well and make a complete recovery soon!

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