unsure of what's ahead

by Gerard
(Bentonville AR)

I'm a recent quad-bypass patient,(nov.5 2010) only 30 days after my 60th bday. I was feeling positive not having had a major heart attack only to have the angina return in less than 60 days with 8 stents in early feb. 2011.

I was in rehab 3/w, had lost 15 lb in 3 months, was eating much better but....I scar really bad and the ugly one on the outside must have been doing it's thing on the grafts and is most likely why I had such a total failure, 100% blocked.
So now we're trying stents. I just don't know how long these will last. They say to give it 6-9 months and if they have not closed i'll be in the clear.(but for how long) But I hold little hope after the last failure. im 4 days into this new phase but feel the devil(cad) is going to rob me and my family of our future.
My mind use to dream of seeing my girls married and my wife and I being a great set of grand-parents, willing and able to help, but now I wonder if i'll even see them graduate next spring.(college and high school)
Right now life really SUCKS.

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by: Anonymous

hi ger yeh i had cabg 3yrs ago an still looking for every little thing to finish me off but we must b positive an keep that feel good factor so no to depression an yes to seeing our grandchildren good luck pauline

No guarantees
by: Brian from North Carolina

Hey Gerard. I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. I had triple bypass after a mild heart attack last April. I'm 50 and aside from a few weeks of atrial fib after my discharge, I've been fine. I've been jogging for about four months now and feel better than when I went in. But I could drop dead tomorrow Gerard. Hell any of us could. And most of us already almost have. It's the one thing everyone in rehab shares in common, and why they feel so close, and I think the same thing applies to the folks who share their stories on this website. We're all scared. And we have great sympathy, and the strongest prayers and best wishes, for the rest of our brothers and sisters. So you hang in there. You're far, far, far from alone.

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