Two SCADs within one month

by Lynne

On March 8, 2012 I suffered a myocardial infarction and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. During the usual testing procedures in the emergency department and subsequently in the cardiac care unit, it was discovered that I had a deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism which had been the cause of my heart attack, and my right coronary artery had dissected for reasons unknown.

At the time I was 64 years old and because I have Type 2 Diabetes I had been living a very healthy lifestyle for well over 10 years. I ate well, exercised regularly, took very good care of my health - and I could not understand how this could happen to me.

The cardiology team that cared for me in hospital made the decision to treat me conservatively rather than surgically, so I was bed rested and medicated and spent 21 days in the CCU before being discharged.

One month later, on April 25, I suffered a second MI and this time an angiogram showed that the right coronary artery was almost completely healed, but the left one had now dissected for reasons unknown. The treatment decided on this time was the same as previously so once again I was bed rested, medicated, and kept in hospital for another 8 days.

My cardiologist is unable to tell me whether I am likely to experience any further episodes of SCAD. I understand it is rare to experience one dissection, but even rarer to experience two. There is no support group I am aware of where I could talk to people who have had similar health problems.

It has been interesting to read all the stories on this website, although they all seem to be overseas. It is difficult to find any information on SCAD in Australia but perhaps somebody in Oz might read this and decide to tell their own story too. I hope so.

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