Two Heart Attacks by 42 By Pass Surgery at 65

by John Horgan
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

My first attack occurred when I was 36. It happened without any warning signs. Came home from work and had just sat down to read the paper when I felt the most intense chest pain and the next thing I knew paramedics were working on me. Smoking, added weight and poor diet were the contributing factors. Stupid me went back smoking with in 6 months, 6 years later I paid the price again. This second attack nearly cost me my life. Minutes after arriving at the hospital my heart stopped and they had to use the paddles on me. Stopped smoking and took care of myself, however this past January after 21 years of no heart problems I started experiencing shortness of breath but I ignored it since all of my recent exams and Thallium stress test which I just had done 7 months ago showed no problems. On March 23 as I walked up a pair of stairs at work I nearly passed out. I went to the ER and the next morning while they were performing the heart cath they found I had three major blockages and my heart went into A fib, I was immediately taken into surgery whey they performed triple by pass. I am currently enrolled in Cardiac rehab and obviously very happy and thankful to be alive.

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Three times lucky!
by: Sandra

You have indomitable spirit, John. Way to go!

Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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