Two by-pass surgeries, four heart attacks, two Pace/Defib implants.

by Al. Howard, Sr
(Newark, DE.)

And still kickin at seventy five yrs! Yep, I had the first quadrupal by-pass in 1995, and the second, a tripple by-pass in 2007. I had the first Pace/Difib installed in 2007. Inccidently, this device was installed and attached with a recalled "Bad Lead wire".

Following several heart attacks, a replacement procedure took place in sept, 2011.

At no time did either of the two implanted Pace/Difib's react, or give indication that a heart attack was about to happen, or that one has taken place. No shocks or activity indicating difib or slowed heart beat were a factor!

Personally, I question the worthiness of a Medical Device that performs no corrective action when required.

In addition, and due to personal experience, I am not satisfied that the device in question actually performs as indicated, and questionable is the necessity of it's installation.

Would I do it again?

Again, just my personal opinion!

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