Triple bypass at 67

by Lee
(Sydney, Australia)

I awoke at 3 AM with sharp pains in my chest. I thought it was something I ate. I got up and had a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Yes, I was a heavy smoker for 50 years.

After 1 hour I woke up my wife and told her I needed to go to the ER. After several tests they ordered an angioplasty. Three of the veins were 80% blocked with plaque and I was told I needed triple bypass surgery.


Eight days later I had surgery. In ICU I some bad reactions to surgery and pain meds. Because of smoking I was kept on oxygen for 7 days to help with breathing. But what was worse was the morphine for pain caused illusion and nightmare even when I was awake.

I thought the nurses and doctors in ICU wanted to kill me and then I wanted kill myself. Next time I have surgery I am going to tell them "no morphine".

I was in ICU for 4 days because I was uncooperative.

Eight days after surgery I was transferred to a rehab hospital for 2 weeks before I finally got to go home. One month in hospital. Unreal. I am now enrolled in cardiac rehab program and I am doing well.

I talked to other people who had the same procedure and they went home after just one week. I have to make some major changes in my life. Couch potato, smoking, diet. But I am determined to live.

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stroke like symtoms after by pass
by: Anonymous

My friend had a triple by pass and after when they gave him morphine he thought everyone was trying to kill him. By day 2 he could not talk and was unable to write. They said it was not a stoke. When I suggested that it might have been the morphine they got very angry and informed me that they knew what they were doing. After taking him off the drugs he slowly (it has taken 4 weeks) started to get better. He been taken off the feeding tube and can talk almost as before the event. He still has to use a walker but we are hoping to bring him home next week.
After some extensive research ( although it is not often) some cases of stroke have been reported after the administering of morphine.
Doctor's and nurses should be more open to help from others. They are not gods and do make mistakes.

Dad just told to have triple bypass
by: Beth

Hi, great that you are doing well. I just googled triple bypass surgery as I am worried sick about my Dad who has just been told he needs this surgery, He is 64 years old. Thanks for your story, hope my Dad's okay!

5 bypasses
by: Anonymous

I also had surgery one year ago , I had chest pain when swimming, Had no idea I had heart problems, so this was quite a shock, i had a heart cath, and they found 9 blockages 90 percent blockage in my main arteries, So I was in the hospital 10 days altogether, and three weeks in a nursing home , Thank god i quit smoking 25 yrs ago , otherwise I think i would be a gonner! I would advise you to quit smoking ASAP! One year later I feel very strong, the only after effect is a rather nasty Keloid scar, and being a female its not pretty, at least I am alive to see my Grandkids reach maturity, We have to help ourselves become healthier, and be grateful to medical science! Thanks to all my doctors. Chris

What an ordeal
by: Sandra

Hi Lee,
You've had a lot to deal with...but I am glad that things are going well with rehab (I found rehab a real help in terms of adjusting and regaining my confidence) and that you are looking at making changes to your lifestyle.

Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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