by Tina James

I am a 42 year old female who in October 2011 had three coronary and a left subclavian bypass. I have smoked cigarettes since I was 14 years old and have a strong family history of cardiac disease. I am a very physically active person 5'4" and 145lbs. I walked over 400 miles last summer alone. I have had Neurocardiogenic Syndrome since I was 26 years old. I thought my recent bouts of not feeling well were due to the NCS. After changing beta blockers and waiting for improvement of symptoms. I discovered that there was a seventy point difference in my right and left arms blood pressures. I went in for a CT angio which showed a 3cm blockage of my left sublclavian. I went in for stenting and got a cardiac cath while in for stenting. Cardiologist came back out and said you need bypass. Surgery was rough, but I do feel better. My stamina is coming back. I have quit smoking. Surgery helped with that, yu can't smoke while you are on the ventilator.haha Oh, well better late than never.

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by: Tina

CT just meant Cat scan. I was in Arkansas when all this happened. About your scar, and discoloration of it. Do you smoke? or have any further vascular issues that you know about? I am back to walking 3-4 miles a day and doing some cardio also. It feels good to feel good again. Not all my days are sunshine though, maybe you try getting out there more and see how it goes.
Best wishes

by: Anonymous

u where in CT?? Im in CT!!! I'm glad u feel better, mine was in in May , 11. I'm 40 & i dont feel better I(i had a double by-pass) I lost all my upper body streant. My scar is so gross. When I get cold it turns black....
I will never hv another one. Catherine

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