Throwing PVCs

by Steve
(Houston, TX)

I noticed lots of heart Palpitations in my late 30’s. My dad died of arrhythmia cause heart attack at 55. So I am always aware of my heart and my own mortality.

Just before I turned 39 I had an episode of irregular heart beats and palpitations that compelled me to go the hospital.

Diagnosis: throwing PVCs. No known cause. No need to treat them unless they become more annoying or more frequent. No restrictions.

I looked through the internet for heart supplement info. In the iPhone App Store I found an app called Natural Cures. It recommended 200mg/day of Magnesium to help fight irregular heart beat. I started taking it. At the risk of jinxing myself – my noticeable palpitations are completely gone.

My daily supplements are Magnesium, Aspirin, Garlic, and Fish Oil. Will never stop taking them.

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by: Anonymous

I am having palpatations too and it gets difficult to breathe when I walk. Sometimes I feel as if I will pass out. But I try to walk all day if I have to.

I feel as if there is something closing my throat
and I don't get enough oxygen to my brain. Also I was told that I would not die from my heart throwing pvc's.

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