Three times opened

by Rodney

I had open heart surgery at the age of 50.Everything went well and I was home in 8 days.Unfortunately it got infected and they had to reopen me .That surgery also went well I was released to a nurseing home after 10 days in the hospital recieveing antibiotic treatment.I was in the nurseing home for 18 days getting antibiotic treament.Now get this I told them I think it's infected again they said no it's ok and sent me home. I was home a week and was rushed back in and yes they opened up the same scar again!!Ok here we go I was operated on and this time sent home in 14 days with a portable self infusion antibiotic bag for 30 days.I was off work for 9 months in the pain .It's now 2 years later and I'm still in pain some days. I still have some numbness a lot of itching and,tightness the whole scar is one big keloid. I guess cutting open the same spot three times is not a good thing. I am still happy to be here scar and all.

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