The Blah Blah Blah Syndrome

by Laura
(Lawrence, Kansas)

I was in the middle of a high school English lesson when I first felt the chest pains 8 years ago. I have a family history of cardiac problems - my mother, an uncle, numerous cousins, and two grandparents suffered sudden death from heart problems. My mother was out gardening went in the house sat down and died from a heart attack. My uncle and aunt were going out shopping. My uncle forgot something in the house and went in to retrieve it. When he didn't come out, my aunt went looking for him and found him dead sitting in a chair. So...when the pains started, I knew I was in trouble. I went to KU Med Center in Kansas City, Kansas and was told that I indeed had a heart attack and was hospitalized so they could monitor me and check out my veins and arteries. After the test for clogged arteries, my doctor came in the room and said that I had absolutely no blockage - that the inflammation in my system (which I have lived with since 1994) was twisting my coronary artery. He told me the name of the syndrome - that it was rare. He then went on to tell me that since it was so rare - he didn't feel comfortable making the diagnosis without a rhuematology consult. Since it was midnight when he was telling me this, all I heard was - you have "blah Blah Blah" syndrome. I never saw the cardiologist again and when I was released from the two days later I asked the resident what I was supposed to talk with the rheumatologist about. There was nothing written anywhere and he didn't have a clue. So...I have never seen the rheumatologist. I never had a follow up appointment with the cardiologist - he was too busy for appointments - I should see my family doctor. I have told many doctors since then that I have had a heart attack and no one seems concerned when I say I have chest pains nor are they interested in my medical records. So..I live with it. Amlodipine prescribed for high blood pressure took care of the chest pains. Otherwise, I just deal with it. I guess this is just a reflect of our "wonderful" and "outstanding" medical services provided in this country.

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