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Tai Chi Exercises

The benefits of the tai chi movements

benefits of tai chi exercisesTai-Chi Gong (18 Movements) – Purpose or effect of the tai chi exercises - Provided by B. Renault.

See detailed instruction on each of these 18 tai chi exercises

1. Opening Position
To help – clear the mind, improve sleep, control nerves

2. Broadening Chest
To help – decrease stress, keep you looking young

3. Dancing with Rainbow
To help – heart problems like rapid heart beat, control nerves, stop hair loss

4. Circling Arms
To help – build energy, calm nerves, feel great

5. Twisting waist and Swing Arms Behind Head
To help – relieve stiff shoulders, trim side fat, and improve blood circulation

6. Row the Boat in the Heart of the Lake
To help – build energy, calm nerves, feel great, not catching colds easily

7. Holding a Ball
To help – keep you looking young, good memory, and good for blood pressure

8. Carrying the Moon
To help – build energy, calm nerves, feel great, ease digestion, get rid of stomach gas, stop constipation

9. Twisting Waist and Pushing Palms
To help – improve power in knees, thighs, and shoulders

10. Playing with Clouds
To help – aid digestion, improve eyesight

11. Scooping from the Sea
To help – stomach problems, reduce body fat

12. Playing with Waves (Pigeon)
To help – arm strength, waist and thighs

13. Spreading your Wings
To help – feel good, decrease bad temper, tearful eyes while walking against the wind

14. Punching (Stretch up with fist)
To help – cold hands and feet(improved circulation), give power to the whole body

15. Flying like a Goose
To help – sickness of the neck and head

16. Spinning Wheels
To help – improve eyesight

17. Bouncing the Ball
To help – relieve fatigue

18. Pressing the Palms
To help – circulate the energy

Do you practice tai chi? Have you found it beneficial? Share your story!

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