Still In Denial..

by Carmen R Villareal
(Fresno, California)

I am a 48 year old woman who is an EMT and I help save lives. I was on a 24 hour shift. During my shift I was experiencing a sore throat sensation and a pain near my left arm pit. The pain started to radiate down the back of my left arm. My Paramedic partner and I received a 911 call and we took the person to the hospital. Once we arrived I kept rubbing my chest because I thought I had muscle pain on the left side. My partner told me to see the ER doctor there at the hospital. I was in denial telling her I think its just a muscle ache and a sore throat. She said, "What do you think you are doing to your chest right now"? I looked at her and realized I was practically giving myself a precardial thump. So, I decided to listen and talk to the doctor. My heart rhythm suggested my heart wasn't doing good. They gave me a cardiac treatment with aspirin, nitro tablets, and nitro paste on my chest. Wow headache! I ended up staying in the hospital. The next day I was taken to do a stress test and only lasted 1 min. and 57 sec. and got a bad chest pain. They took me off the treadmill and layed me down. The cardiologist had already suggested an angioplasty, but I was insisting I could do the treadmill test. They discovered I had three blocked arteries 95% blocked one between an artery at a V in the heart. If they were to do a stent I would have had a heart attack on the operating table. Therefore, the cardiologist suggested a by-pass.

The next day the operation was done. They took a vein from my left arm instead of my leg. The radial vein was used because it was more promising than the leg vein. The puzzling thought about this entire incident was that I had a physical one week before and everything was perfectly fine. No high cholesterol and no other symptoms of any kind that I recall. However, Thanks to my partner's suggestion and the realization that something was wrong that day my own life was saved.
I am still recovering now I am in my 4th week of recovery. I will be attending rehabilitation at the beginning of July 2012. I certainly have learned how delicate our lives are and that in a snap you could be in this situation, or dead. I had a brother who did die at the age of 37 of a heart attack while he was working. Also, my father passed away at 45 y/o of a heart attack. For our family it's just genetics. Most people do not take eating wrong, smoking,or taking care of their body serious enough. We are all ticking time bombs and should not take everything for granted. Take care of your body pay attention to the small cues it gives you to keep healthy.

I am also an author of two books: Dealing with Andrew & Supermundo. They are both on and

Yours Truly,

Still In Denial

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