Stents placed in heart and can't get rid of dizzy spells

by Pete
(East Texas)

Had a heart attack one month ago due, I guess, to being sick. The Dr. put 3 stents in one artery that had degenerated due to sickness affecting my heart.

I am feeling much better but I often feel dizzy and light headed. The Dr has adjusted my medication a couple of times but I wondered if others have experienced the same.

The Dr said my arteries were very smooth and my heart looked great but the lining of one of my vessels was stopping it up because it was coming apart.

I am a very active person and I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I am a basketball coach, but I just don't seem to feel very good.

I wonder if I will be able to get back to a normal lifestyle?

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pains in legs
by: henry

i had pains in my legs and my friend hou is a coach for sports he is 74 so i lisend to him he said people dont know how to breath properly thay think just fill the lungs and thats it so i told him about the pians in my legs and he siad lack of oxegin in legs so when you breath fill your stomake or belly and then your lungs you dont have to do it all the time and what it doues it put oxegen in to your legs and a lot of people dont know this this man should wright a book for what he knows with many gold medals he as got and top athleats he as made he is a very humble man good luck my friend it worked for me

To: by: bill
by: Jan4him

I couldn't take any of the anti-platelet drugs, they gave me such severe side effects and one was trouble breathing that I felt like I was on the verge of a heart attack all the time. I went off the drugs & my doctor wasn't happy either, but I did a lot of research and aspirin was the basic treatment before the anti-platelet drugs, or a blood thinner. I had to switch doctors, it's now been 6 months and I only take one aspirin. I stay active and take anti inflammatories such as quercitin and bromelain, and Zyflamend for the heart. I also take a whole food multi that has heart friendly herbs in it, and also take Salmon oil. I also am juicing and that is helping to restore my health. I feel much more normal and have a better energy level as long as I eat right and exercise. I stretch a lot & do some inner core exercises, but riding a bike or walking makes my heart feel much better! I'd find another doctor that will work with you. Do research on the kind of stent you have. I have a bare metal & I'm glad as there are the others that emit drugs & apparently it is a necessity to take the anti-platelet drugs along with it, yet I'm not sure the length of time it is required. I feel the doctors buffalo you & make you take those drugs long past the time they are necessary! Good luck & God Bless!
by: bill

i'm 78 years of age, have emphasema,c.o.p.d. but with taking advair diskus,100`50 for years I had it under problem is that I had two stents put in feb.27,2013 and was put on Plavix. I could not breath, needed oxigen and a walker. I took myself off the Plavix after around one month and within two days was able to walk without a walker and had no more trouble breathing. my heart dr.found out that I did that and put me on brilinta,guess what, the same thing is happening.i cannot breath unless i'm sitting down.i can't go for a walk because of losing my breath after walking 10 because of trying to build up my heart mussle ,I can't do that.i just want to have my life back again even if it takes time off my life.i would like to know just how long it takes for these new stents to clog up on average without taking ststins.does anyone have that answer.thanks,bill

Off the drugs too!
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, thanks for your tips, I was also taking some of the same supplements. I also do not trust the doctors when they said I had a 100% blockage. I mean I never passed out or had much pain. But I thank God that the stent they put in was a bare metal one, I've done much research & it is easier to deal with in the long run if you have a stent that is. In Europe they are much more advanced and are now using a stent that dissolves. My problem is trying to stay active as I am in graduate school & all my courses are online, I have to sit a lot. I try to break it up, but it's impossible at times with so much reading & work to do online, although I exercise regularly. I had just gone off my Zyflamend & quercitin & bromelain all for inflammation a few months before my heart attack I know this must have added to the problem. I have a new cardiologist. He isn't particularly happy that I didn't continue with the anti-platelet drugs, but I'm doing fine without them & just continue with one aspirin a day. Wish you luck in your continued recovery!

Statins caused dizziness so I stopped using them.
by: Anonymous

After a stent procedure 3 years ago for a severe LAD blockage, I became very dizzy from the statin and possibly the meteprolol given to me in the hospital. I also experienced severe muscle pain in my calves and left posterior thigh. I fell one time while in the hospital. As determined by 3 enzyme tests, I did not have a heart attack.

I sincerely regret consenting to having the stent inserted for numerous reasons but was coerced into it my a stent enthusiastic cardiologist. When the hospital gave me a fried chicken dinner just after the insertion of my stent, I lost all confidence in them. I went on a strict vegan regimen, following the Forks Over Knives diet and dropped my cholesterol from 299 to 222 in 3 months. The docs were not and are not happy, but I'm convinced the vegan diet and supplements were much more effective then their dangerous drugs. I don't exist to please the docs or line pockets of the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

During and after my hospital stay, I read the side effect of the medications. The word poison pervaded my consciousness. No wonder they had to be prescribed. I was immediately determined to get off the drugs as soon as I could. I knew I'd have to taper off like a heroine addict.

I slowly stopped all of my meds within one month of my hospitalization and started supplements and herbs i.e.hawthorn for my blood pressure which 107/70 last night, cayenne, garlic (raw one clove per day), C10, D ribose, L carnitine, tumeric, vitamin D3, nattokinase, zyflamed for the heart, milk thistle, and niacin. The only substance I take on my doc's orders is niacin, and I was put on it, by a sharp internal medicine doc, because I could not tolerate the statins and had a severe LP(a)(bad LDL cholesterol) problem that was not diagnosed during my hospital stay. Statins don't lower LP(a) but niacin can. I'd be dead with rhabdomyolysis if I followed my cardiologist's directions. The cardiology dept. at the hospital seemed to adopt a one size fits all philosophy that I believe would have killed me if I followed it.

My dizziness has decreased markedly since I stopped the statins. But, I believe the statin drug use left permanent damage. I'd sue and give the money to charity but believe the stress would be detrimental to my heart. So, I write and share my experience with others. I'm looking for a sharp integrative cardiologist. There's none in my area yet.

Drug Side Effects
by: Jan4him

Hi! I had a stent put in after a heart attack on Thanksgiving night! One artery they said was 100% blocked & two others 30% blocked. I had a bare metal stent put into the anterior artery. They tried me on Plavix, the generic Plavix & Effient, I couldn't take any of them. They caused sever side effects, all heart attack symptoms. I had awful arrhythmia,& at times my heart rate would slow way down & even stop for an instance. I had sharp or dull pain in my heart, pain in my left shoulder blade, achiness in my left arm, dry cough, dizziness & faint feeling, shortness of breath, trouble swallowing, a feeling of swelling in my chest or heart muscle. At one point my blood pressure went way up yet my pulse was super slow such, 48 to be exact. My heart would also pound very hard and I would have pain in the sides of my neck and also above my nose between my brows, and in my temple. At one point with the Effient I had the sweating and pressure in my chest, it would last a minute then go away. I went onto the Internet as my doctors always said the only side effects to these drugs was severe or excessive bleeding, yet on the Internet I found different, all the symptoms I experiences ARE side effects of these drugs and the third drug Brilinta, or ticagrelor is worse! Since all these symptoms can also be post heart attack symptoms I feel the doctors don't warn you, because in that way they are not held liable for prescribing the drugs, I mean who can prove it. All I know is that when the drug started wearing off I became symptom free. No I just take one adult aspirin per day, one doctor says the prognosis is just about as good as with the drug, my other doctor prefers me to take Brilinta or one of the others, but said to stop if I experienced the severe symptoms again and go back to the aspirin. It's been 3 weeks out, but I lost about 10 days due to the drug side effects. I only have a little vertigo once in awhile, and some swelling, other than that I am symptom free. I feel I'm still recovering, and am trying to introduce my exercises with time, but am doing stretching & back exercises and some yoga for now, trying to reduce stress and not sit so much at the PC which is hard as I'm going to school online. Hope this helps someone!

2 Stents in heart
by: David

Bless I was working out 5 times a week. At times I was feeling run down, so I went to my Doctor. Since heart disease runs on both sides of my family we agreed a visit to a cardiologist was in order.he cardiologist thought a stress test would be a good idea. I passed the stress test with no problems. A few weeks after the stress test I felt slightly send me for an angiogram on June 18th, 2012 to rule out any blockages in the heart. To my surprise they found a 90% blockage in the LAD and a 70% blockage in the CIR. They also found 2 20% blockages. They put stents in the 90% and 70%. I went on a low fat diet and cardio rehab twice a week for 18 weeks. I also ride a a bike the other 5 days for 1 hour. I've lost 25 pounds since the stents and feel great. My total cholesterol dropped from 181 down to 96 with diet, exercise and medication. My blood pressure was never high to begin with but now it is too low and I was getting dizzy. They took me off of the Lisinopril and cut my Metoprolol down to 12.5 mg a day. I would wake up to go to the bathroom at night and feel dizzy. Then one day I was a little dehydrated and when I woke up and went to the bathroom I got dizzy and fell. I hurt my hip, elbow and head. I got back up and went into the bathroom and passed out and fell into the tub. My wife called an ambulance and I went to the hospital and spent the day there. The Cardiologist took me off of the Metoprolol and I was doing fine. 2 days ago my hip was hurting and I took some pain meds and a muscle relaxant. Big mistake. Again passed out in the bathroom and back to the hospital. My blood pressure on my digital cuff was 65/28 before I went to the hospital. Just got home today. My advice to you folks is to stay hydrated. Drink Gatorade or plenty of water. If you are nervous because of the stents and are taking something to calm you then be careful when you take it and if you can get off off it. Check your blood pressure laying down, sitting and standing. Mine drops 20 points when I stand. If your blood pressure is low the have your Dr. adjust your blood pressure meds. Other that when I get up too quick from bed I feel great. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! and watch what you eat. Moderation in your diet. You will be surprised how fast you will be feeling much better. Good Luck to all of you and GodYou All!

Two stents and feel worse than before they were installed.
by: Wayne

I had two stents in 2001 after a slight heart attack. While still attached to the EKG they came in with pads and markers showing me where they were going to cut me. "WHOA fellows, you ain't cuttin' me anywhere". "But, you're in the middle of a heart attack". I told them I didn't care. They suggested stents and which I'd never heard of. An hour later I was ready to whip the world. I felt great but I stayed the night. FF to 2012...Routine check up showed 99% blockage. Two stents again. This time I'm so dizzy I'm afraid to drive. This doctor wanted to operate too but I nixed it. I don't think I"m getting over this one as I'm now 78. I feel worse,including headaches than before the stents.

Stent in 99% blockage rca
by: jimmy44

I had one stent put in on June 20, 2012. I am taking effient,aspirin and Liprenisol. I'm back to college I'm getting shortness of breath again. 51g's is what I owe for the one stent I have no money for that, and no insurance , and no job. My leg's are really hurting could I need a stent in them?


flatlined four times
by: Anonymous

Had a massicve heart attack June 11th.Had a stent put in and have been dizzy since.When will it go away?

by: Anonymous

I have been dizzy about once a week for 3 years . Now it last 2 days. I wonder if this time it will go away.

by: tom

dizzy all day long

Constant dizzyness after heart stents
by: Anonymous

I had quadruple bypass surgery, followed by stents 3 different times within a year. I've had no heart issues for years, just constant dizziness and brain fog.

dizzy before meals
by: Anonymous

after discussing with my husband who is diabetic we decided to test my blood - not very consistent but an indication. dizziness worse before meals and then reduced after meals so thought it might be the beta blockers for my heart masking blood sugar/diabetes problem, even though I had never had diabetes before. did 2 tests 2 hrs after meals that day and they were 8.4 and 8.5 which is normal, but then did fasting blood sugar test next morning and that was 7.0 which is apparently a little high? so husband advised me to check it w/doctor to be sure. after stents and heart attacks and meds I really don't want another illness with another set of pills and restrictions. oh well.

dizziness before meals
by: Anonymous

I had a heart attack 9 weeks ago and a single stent 8 wks ago. one other blockage of 70% left unstented. before that did not take any meds, did not have diabetes and only unrecognised symptom was slight angina/chest pains. actually felt pretty good before attack, Was smoker, moderate, but stopped immediately. after stent started on plavix, coversyl, lipitor, aspirin - low dose, and metoprolol - 25 mgs 1 morning, 1 evening, (just reduced to 12.5 = 1/2 morning and evening). after stent and drugs felt terrible, incredible fatigue, dizzy, fainting, loss of balance, extreme shortness of breath. Those symptoms remain but are less intense, except for shortness of breath. However, just noticing that dizziness is worse just before meals and generally dizziness reduced immediately after meals. Any ideas?

What is causing this?
by: Anonymous

I had a stent placed 6 weeks ago, and was put on clopdidogrel, aspirin, beta blockers and simvastatin (20mg). I feel lightheaded, depressed, everything tastes like a strong citrus (sour) taste, and it also feels as if I have been drinking or eating something very strong peppermint flavour, all this accompanied by anxiety, insomnia and fatique.

I have changed my diet to a cholesterol reducing diet, but am getting very despondent now, because this is definitely not a good quality of life for anyone.

Could the simvastatins be the cause????? or could the blood be too thin?

worried in NC
by: Anonymous

wow i love reading these articles. i had a stenet put in about 4 weeks ago. have alot of anxiety and worries. they say my heart and other arteries are clear.... but i worry about it reblocking. it was in the widow maker and my heart stopped 2 x. had to shock me to get me back here. i feel if it blocks again ill be a goner....dizziness. lil pains here and there... sometimes the dizziness scares me badly. i feel im gonna pass out hope it gets better

heart failure
by: Anonymous

my husband had heart failure and altho no stents were necessary he has a lot of medication which keep him up and moving;
and every day he feels like he has vertigo he says - he has to lay down he feels nausea a lot too
seems its the strong medication to me

After Angioplasty....
by: Anonymous

On 23rd October 2011,Dr. have placed 7 stents and he is fine now but sometimes feeling dizziness can anyone tell me its normal.....

same dizzy feeling after one stent
by: Dee

I had a 1 stent placed in my LAD to cover 2 blockages that were side by side on 7/29/11 ~ I'm 45 yrs old. No chest pain leading up to the heart attack, just shortness of breath and fatigue. Since then, with all the added meds - I'm exhausted and dizzy constantly. I went back to work 5 days later on light duty. My dizziness has increased to the point of syncope now at least 4 times. I've seen so many drs, tests, I'm really frustrated. I willingly stopped driving after running my car over a curb during one of these episodes. Nothing seems to point to the cause but it's a daily battle to stay on my feet. I'm starting to think this is just "one of those things" after a surgery like this and it's going to remain. We've totally changed our diet, I'm taking meds as prescribed and living a new life as much as I can with the dizziness. Walking is a challenge most days.

by: Anonymous

The medications that accompany recovery change your body chemistry in fundamental ways. Not surprisingly, dizziness, nausea, feeling "spaced out" are very common side effects. Men were bad at first but over time, they have lessened and are certainly a lot less troublesome than the heart problems that they control.

Talk to your doctor, a change in meds may help, sometimes it makes it worse, so perseverance is probably good advice

dizzy spells after a heart attack
by: Anonymous

i have 5 stents in my rca (medicaded)on 7 types of meds. i had my attack in june 2011 and iam 40 yrs old and its end of oct and was felling some what ok i guess had sympotoms after, fatique ,dizziness ,lightheadedness some chest pains. since ive been back to work now my symptoms have increased alot the dizziness and lightheadedness.and feeling of weakness. my job is very very physical lots of bending from the ground with 50lbs boxes up over my head into a machine.because of my job i really feel like 100 years old will change on you after an attack hopefully the symptoms will reside but with depression and anxiety and panic attacks i just dont yes other people have those fellings after an attack.

Be Careful
by: Anonymous

My mother had one stent put in three years ago and she was doing fine. The light headedness and dizzy spells started back up about two months ago. She started having really bad chest pains and migraines to boot. She just got the second stent put in three days ago and goes for the thrid stent next week. She is only 56 yrs old. If you haven't changed your diet, I would do so accordingly. Just be aware of what feels normal to you. Don't wait it out. Cause sometimes the symptoms just don't go away.

Same thing happened to me.
by: Olen

The same thing happened to me except I only had one stent put in. They placed it in the left heart section. I had a blockage needless to say. I was experienceing dizzy spells to where it felt like I weighed 400 pounds and at times all I wanted to do was lay down and I wasn't getting anything done. I finally had a very servere dizzy spell. Lightheaded and dizzy I walked into the ER and told them what was going on. They took me straight in ahead of everyone that was in the waiting room. The doctor came in and I explained how I felt. He said it is very common after a stent proceedure to becoma stressed and dehydrated. He said it was my nerves and I thought he was a little on the crazy side. He sent in a nurse to put Adavan (not sure how to spell it) but in just 15 minutes my dizziness was gone and I felt like my old self again. They also had me drink a few glasses of water. You have to watch your pee isn't yellow as that is a sign of dehydration and that in itself can cause dangerous problems of lightheadedness and nausea. I left that hospital an hour and a half later and I felt completely back to normal and so far no more dizzy spells. Remember you need loads of water to keep your blood thin so that stent don't get stopped up and slow your oxygen supply to your body. I hope this has helped although I wouldn't just take some adavan you happen to have laying around. I would see a doctor as he would know the right dose to give you and may even feel you need to be on it as just the worry about your new hospital bills and missing work and all the test you need down is very stressful. Stress is a bad thing and doesn't always have the same symptoms. Everyone is different. Good luck everyone and remember to watch your saturated fat intake and your cholesterol intake as well and sodium and you should be fine.

I was also dizzy for awhile
by: Anonymous

I received one stent but I never had medication in my life. I would get light headed and kind of panicky. My doctor told me to switch around how I take my medicine to see if that would help. It did and I feel much better. For the record, I'm taking Plavix, Toprol, Effient, and 325 mg. aspirin. I'm probably on these for a long time since I have a medicine releasing stent and I was told it would reblock without the medicine - or as my doctor told me, I'm on medicine forever.

Review you medication if you don't feel well
by: Ian

At age 66 I had a heart attack and had previously been very active, not overweight and never smoked. But I did ignore saturated fat warnings and I believe that's what caused the plaque to build up. After looking up "heart attack" on Google I realised what was happening and was taken by helicopter to the heart unit in Atlanta for angioplasty with two stents which saved my life.

To those that are still feeling unwell I urge you to review your medications, and in particular any statins you take. After two years I had very unpleasant side effects and had to adjust my medication. The doctors don't take side effects seriously and the patient has to supervise his own health regime.

My Brother Had Dizzy Spells Too
by: Anonymous


My brother had 2 stents and was hospitalized multiple times, felt dizzy. This was Apr thru October of last year. After the second stent and medication adjustment plus drinking more water he started feeling better. In February he went for a week of cross-country skiing and is still doing fine. Hang in there - exercise and eat as directed. Best wishes.

Recovery is a every day
by: Linda

Pete, the recovery period is an everyday effort. I received 4 medicated stents that were put in 2 years ago. The beta blocker I was put on did cause dizziness and lightheadedness. I'm on the lowest dosage and ever so often experience it. Be sure you are eating heart healthy and exercising. I just started feeling the full effects of the good exercise and that does help with the blood flow. Remember with the stents we have been given another chance at life and we both did experience a life changing event in our lives. Just need to regroup and march forward.

It Takes Time
by: Sandra

Hi Pete,

I just wanted to let you know that it took some time for me to feel "normal" again. My recovery was challenging - I reblocked at 3 months, was in and out of hospital a number of times over 5 months. I remember asking my doc "will I ever get better and feel good again?" He said some people have a more difficult recovery than others and then one day they turn a corner and carry on. That's exactly what happened to me.

It's important to keep talking to your doc if you have concerns or if you keep having dizzy spells or any pain.

But otherwise, take your meds faithfully, follow a smart heart lifestyle, and give yourself some time to adjust and heal.

It's five years now since my heart event and I am leading a very active life. Best wishes to you!

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