by Shabbir Ahmed

When Cardiologist Dr. Mizanur Rahman said no way out other than CABG after Angiogram, I was excited. 'cause it gave me chance to clear out the blocked coronaries, giving me a lot of trouble. After 1 week of CABG, I walked nearly 1 kilometer in the hospital passage. After 2 week, I was able to walk like a normal healthy man . After 3 week I really forgot that I had a bypass! Though I never ever tried to stretch, bend, lift heavy and always lie on back, no side way. Now I am running 8th week, can walk 7-8 kilometer at high pace. Feel really good, I don't know when I last felt so in the last 10 yrs. Thanks to Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Md. Akhter Hussen and SQUARE Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Welcome To The Zipper Club Shabbir
by: Brian from North Carolina

We're everywhere already and we're growing and I have a hard time finding a single one of us who isn't just damn glad to be alive. Congratulations to you.

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