Scared at 51

by jeffery peterson

I have been diebetic since 1998 where i lost 105 pounds and was imediatly put on insulin. athen about 6 months ago durring the summer i noticed severe chest pains after mowing the grass,etc..Finally i told my wife we need to go have it checked out. In the ER they did a nitro patch to control the pain, then admitted me for observation. Next day the enzeims in my heart went up .05%, which alarmed doctors. Turns out I had a heart attack, but with no serious heart damage.

I ended up with a triple by pass surgery, there are alot of days where i feel fantastic, and others i feel down, no engergy. Its been dec 24,th 2013 that i had surgery and I really thought i'd be farther along recovery wise. But as i read it will take 12 or more weeks to completely heel. I'm not the most patiant person in the world, but for something like this, ya have to be.

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Scared at 51
by: Noel from Australia

I am coming up to 12 months since quadruple bypass - was feeling really fit by 6 months and now on top of the world at 72. I walk 4-6 times weekly and exercise most days with general work about house and yard. Be patient.

hang in there
by: BT from nc

I'm four years removed from almost the Exact same scenario. Heart attack. No damage. Triple bypass. As we speak I'm getting ready to get on a treadmill and run. You'll get there!

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