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I noticed that my running endurance was getting worse and on rare occasions, I would feel a flutter in my chest that would go to my carotid artery. I made the "mistake" of telling my doctor who said, "You're so going to a cardiologist."

My EKG's were fine at my doctor and the cardiologist's office and they had to skip a stress test since I was too fit for their equipment. They spared me the chemical test. I was immediately scheduled for a cardio catherization where my PAD (posterior anterior artery) was found to be 95% blocked. I received a stent.

I had no real symptoms except for that flutter sensation once in a great while. My doctors say that I was and am very fit. In fact, I ran until the day before my cath with my doc's permission, which was performed on June 21. It is July 1 and I went running today for the first time since the cath with my doctor's blessing. I just can't push it for now so I only ran 40 minutes.

What went wrong? My ancestors had these problems but we are confident that things can be stabilized for now with medication and frequent checkups. My heart is strong and healthy so it has no damage. In the meantime, it's back to running which makes me happy - and I feel fine. The problem is identified and my doctors and I can deal with it.

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Being fit has its benefits!
by: Anonymous

Imagine the outcome for you if you weren't so gosh darned fit! The story could have ended quite differently.

Sometimes being fit and eating right can't overcome genetics. But as my own doctor said to me, being fit and healthy probably postponed the onset of heart disease - and helped me survive it. So even though it can be discouraging to get heart disease when you think you are doing everything to avoid it, being fit still has its benefits. And you are proof of that!

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