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This is a list of smart heart recommended reading.

The page has sections on The Lipid Hypothesis, Living with Heart Disease, Women and Heart Disease and Exercise.

The Lipid Hypothesis/Low Carb and Paleo

Renowned cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, dives into the myriad health problems associated with modern, genetically modified wheat. This is a ground-breaking and very important work. We're constantly told that cholesterol is killing us. Yet this substance is produced by our bodies and is a part of every living cell. Without it we would die. What's going on here? Read this book to find out.
Gary presents much of the information from Good Calories, Bad calories in a more accessible format. Learn how bad science and politics put us on the road to sickness and obesity. For a greater in-depth understanding about your cholesterol, the dangers of statin drugs and what you need to know to speak with your doctor, read this book before your next appointment!
A scrumptious recipe book that's packed with practical information and advice. A must have book if you're trying to eat right! Drs. Eades present compelling arguments for a low carb, high protein diet that they contend will have a positive impact on not just your weight, but your overall health.
A fascinating comparison between inhumane industrial farming techniques and sustainable, humane practices and what it all means to your food and the future of our planet. Was Atkins right all along? After being vilified by the medical community some 30 or so years ago, more and more elements of the Atkins' low carb approach are gaining professional recognition and acceptance.
Studies show that people with higher cholesterol live longer. Are we being lied to about the need to lower cholesterol? Is a healthy vegetarian diet an oxymoron? After reading this book, you'll know the answer. What you don't know might be making you sick.
Taubes presents the results of his extensive research into the impact of potentially incorrect dietary advice that's been given to the American public for decades. For millions of years we knew what to eat. And we were healthy. What's gone so terribly wrong?

Living with Heart Disease

A comprehensive resource with sections on how the heart functions, heart disease, risk factors, and the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.An excellent resource to help you understand the emotional effects of heart disease and how your attitudes can affect your long term prognosis.
How Your Heart Works
I found this illustrated book extremely helpful, especially during the early months with heart disease.
This is an invaluable resource covering the first steps after diagnosis to ongoing healthy choices. The authors address many of the questions you and your family undoubtedly have.

Women and Heart Disease

A great general resource that includes a wonderful section on women and heart disease, as well as a good section on exercise. Highly recommended.Fat-burning and motivational tips, nutrition advice, inspirational stories, women specific information, and detailed training plans.
This book has a 5-point plan to help you manage your weight, improve your fitness, and optimize your health. Not only is it full of helpful information, it has interesting (and sometimes humorous) snippets and sidebars throughout.


From setting goals, to assessing your current fitness level to a variety of programs to help you reach your goals, this book has it all. It's easy to read... yet packed with solid and usable information.The Way to Vitality, Health and Energy in the Prime of Life. You can't help but feel motivated by this book. It features photos of agile people over 50 who are very inspiring!
Using minimal equipment this well laid out book guides you through simple exercises to add strength training to help you get and stay fit.Yoga Journal Magazine
This bimonthly magazine features photos of real people doing yoga, not just gorgeous young models. It also shows variations of poses for different skill levels.
Prevention Magazine's Walk Your Way Slim. This exercise DVD offers a simple yet effective fat-burning workout for three fitness levels from beginners to advanced. It provides a good workout for anyone.A comprehensive, yet practical guide, to fitness walking. The author outlines 4 distinct levels of walking as well as target heart rate calculations, walking programs to follow, and much more.

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