Ray and Diabetes

In November 2009 I had a total left knee replacement done. While recovering from that my Nurse noticed something was not right on my monitor, she called her supervisor and the next thing I knew I was having emergency open heart surgery a double by pass. Because I was a diabetic I felt no pain indicating I had a heart issue, when in fact I was 99% blocked in two arteries.

Recovery was tuff becasue of the knee and the heart surgery at the same time. I was 59 at the time, now two years later doing fine.
My advise to diabetics get a check up with a heart specialist, because EKG's do not pick up blockages. I had a preoperative EKG before the knee surgery and all seemed okay. Have what they call an ECKO done, could save your life.
Good luck to all.

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by: Brian from North Carolina

God Bless you in your recovery Ray. It's nice of you to pass along your experience in hopes that someone else will benefit from it. I've been posting and reading here for two years now and it warms my heart to see all the giving and receiving that takes place.

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