quad by pass scar pain

by steve

I am 50 years old and had quad by pass last dec (2010).

I am having a lot of pain and discomfort in the scar on my chest. If anyone can help me let me know thanks

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scar pain
by: Joe Durant

I am a therapist is a pain management facility. We use low frequency direct current applied through a point stimulator around and on the scar. We have found his method to be highly effective in eliminating scar pain from heart surgeries as well as c-sections, mastectomies, hernia repair, hip replacements, etc. Check out ETPS therapy- acumedmedical.ca. They can refer you to a therapist on your area. Best of luck.


quad by pass scar pain
by: bypassblade

Hi Steve,

I had a quad bypass almost 6 years ago don't have pain with my scar now but still get it on my ribs where they put em back together again &; still very sore @ bottom of cage.

My main problem was itching of the scar I was told with pain & itching to gently tap it with the ends of my fingers in & up & down motion, it does work & its better than scratching & pulling scabs off scar.

If pain persists m8 go see your doctor as it does subside but can take a while, I also still get chest pains where they took out the mammary artery.

Best of luck fella

Pete (Sheffield, England)

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