by Jennifer

I'd like to see more recognition for the fact that having pre-eclampsia during pregnancy increase your risk enormously - see meta-analysis - Bellamy et al BMJ online first. Mongraw-Chaffin et al.Hypertension 2010;56:166-171. Or google for CHD and pre-eclampsia in goggle scholar to find more.

Also IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) probably increases the risk. Google for IBD and CHD.

I had a bypass at 53 - my only recognised risk factor was mild hypertension. I have however had two pregnancies with pre-eclampsia (onset about 6 months) AND I hav suffered sometimes unrelieved from Ulcerative colitis for 24 years. These two facts would seem to put me in a cetgory where CHD was almost an inevitablity but not one medical professional has mentioned it to me!!!

I have alwaus lived a healthy lifestyle but more recognition of these factors may have prompted statins or better follow up - or even doctors beleiving that I had CHD whe i presented with chest pain!!!!!

I am sure there are other conditions which increase your risk as well but only diabetes (and maybe rheumatoid arthritis are recognised).

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