Post Partum Cardiomyopathy

by Rachel
(Lincoln, Uk)

In October 2011 i gave birth to my son, Thomas. Everything was perfect, i was tired but what did i expect? 7 weeks later at the end of November i became really fatigued from doing very little, such as standing up or feeding myself. I went to the doctors who said they thought i was anemic and it was nothing to worry about, just take some Iron tablets. I went back as i was really getting out of breath and they again said i was ok. Luckily i had a post natal check up with a nurse a couple of days later, who took 1 look at me and said that i needed to go to hospital as soon as possible, my bp was very low, around 70/40 and my heart rate was jumping from 200bpm to 40bpm. When i got to hospital i had an ECG done which showed some abnormalities within the function of my heart. I then went to have an echo done and a chest xray, which showed that i had a large clot in my heart and it was severely impaired and the heart was very stretched and enlarged. I was transferred to a different hospital that specializes in heart disease where they immediately fitted me with a pacemaker and started me on meds to save my life.

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