Pete Charlesworth (bypassblade)

by Pete
(Sheffield, England)

I 1st wrote this just over 5 years ago & now I can't find it but I feel as though I should tell it again, my trouble 1st started on the golf course 26th Nov 2005. I was feeling breathless & put it down to smoking, that night I went to hospital as I could not breathe (woke me up)

I went for a treadmill test on the 29th & was just putting my shirt on & asked if I needed to get results from my doctor, I was told I was going nowhere as I'd had a heart attack.

I gave my wife my lighter & fags that night & I never saw them again, I had my final xray on 9th December. The doctor came to see me & said you need a quadruple heart bypass, we were shocked but thought well we'll have time to adjust. I was told I'd had 2 silent heart attacks & the next one would kill me; what;s happened since we view as a journey & learning curve.

I asked when he said I've got you in for 11am Monday 29th; I had the operation & was home on the 17th December. I noticed green discharge from my chest on x-mas eve but nurse said it was okay. On x-mas day I had a sneezing fit of about 5 consecutive sneezes the pain was unreal my little pillow was hugged close to my chest.

I was rushed into hospital on the 27th & spent the next few weeks in fighting the infection, it nearly did for me I sailed thru the operation but this nearly killed me.

I came home on 18th Jan 2006 & startd my long road back I spent 6 months off work, I was told the infection put me back 3 months. I was also told that I had come within one week of dying.

I went back to work but in 2007 I got more symptoms & had 3 stents fitted in my arteries round the heart, & again in 2008 3 more stents fitted.

I have been admitted 10 times in last 5 years with pains & earlier this year chronic breathing problems , told I had unstable angina.

I have since had to wear a 24 hour heart monitor & had my 2nd echo cardiogram in 4 months (still waiting results).

I have lost 3.5 stones since last August & stopped drinking if I fancy a pint I have one but that's about 1 a month.

I am due to go on holiday soon, I was going to Turkey but my cardiologsit has banned me travelling outside Europe for good now, so we now going to Greece.

I am starting now to get more chest pains & using my GTN more & it controls it; me and the wife ar really looking forward to this holiday.

I am going to 4 days when I come back & taking partial retirement hopefully this might help.

I work but it's sedintary but at home I can wash pots & that's about it I can't do much else, in fact my GP has banned me doing all handywork & gardening.

I find that hardest as I've always been hands on, ex miner & enginering machinist. We have accepted we won't grow old together but are detremined to enjoy what time we do have left, I cannot even pick my grandkids up they are too heavy for me one is only 9 months old.

My health has been poor this year but slowly improving I hope I just plod on & hope for the best, I have been told I have chronic heart disease & 2 of my bypasses have "gone" as have 4 of my stents.

My arteries are renarrowing & I was told that some of the blockages are too dangerous to operate on.

I refuse to let this beat me now ( I know it will eventually), all my family have accepted my condition & its; their unconditional love that's helped me more than owt (anything)

Apologies I am a Yorkshire man from Sheffield in England if you don't understand some of my phrases.

I'm not bitter but what I will say to people is don't take anything for granted, I was fairly fit played golf twice weekly I was overweight but not morbidly obese by any stretch of the imagination.

Now I'm down to a weight that suits me & feel as though I'm still losing it but I look better.

I take my mediaction religously daily; it's just 2nd nature to me now me and our lass (wife) even joke about it.

I was pertrified when I first had my op but the worst thing after was coughing & sneezing oh, and putting weight on my left leh where'd thay cut up my leg to get the vein for 2 of my 4 bypasses.

Would I change anything I don't think so I've hot a great family & hindsight is the best qualities we've got, but only use when it's happened.

I know there are people worse off than me but I have problems but as a family we get over them, the biggest pain is getting insurance when we go abroad it's cost me over £200.00 just for 2 weeks but it's worth it if the worst happens.

My name is Pete what I will say is if you get a pain get it seen to; don't put it off even if it's nothing in the end.

Thanks for reading this.

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by: Catherine Brolet

Sounds like u had a sucky time w/ all this heart sh*t!!. I had a heart attack at 37 & at 40 double by-pass. I was home in 5 days & up & running in 14.
BUT.................. one sneeze can ruin my whole day. And here on the East Coast of USA (CT) it's Ragweed season. Worst alligery attacks ever!!!
But i still ( 4 months later) hv breathing issues. Big time & when I cough I feel like I need to call 911. And my breast bone aches all day every day.
My Father who is 72, had a triple 5 weeks after me. He did not do so well. He got Pneumonia & coughed open his incision & blow open the wires holding his breast bone together. My mother said it looked like he got shot in the chest, there was even blood splatter on the walls. So he had to hv surgery again, then he got a staff infection. But they sent him home anyway. He then kept getting confused & he fell down the stairs. Ended up back in the hospital.... long story short. He is now finally 4 months later, where I was at 14 days.
the Dr's do want to go back in & remove all his wires. He refuses another surgery. and I dont blame him. I too will never hv this surgery again. EVER! My only thing now, is I keep inhaling food when I eat, cuz the breathing tube screwed up my gag reflex. Hope ur doing well now. Stay strong!!!!

by: Anonymous

gee pete.. sorry for all that has happened to you. it's also odd that your stents and bypasses have not lasted more than 5 years... usually in the US patients go good for at least 10 years...maybe you should come here for surgery if needed???
anyway... have a great holiday. no matter where you and your "lass" go!!!

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