Pay Close Attention to your Symptoms

by Bill Pennock
(Sacramento, CA)

I did not think that there was anything that wrong. I had slight chest pain and a little bit of pain on the inside of my arms when exercising. I went to the Doctor and asked to be referred for a stress EKG. I told the cardiologist about the symptoms but I wasn't actually paying that much attention so I thought, at the time, that the pain lasted an hour or so after exercise. As it turns out this led the Dr. in the wrong direction for awhile. We did a Stress EKG which was mildly positive, than a nuclear profusion which was negative. The Dr. called me just before the last appointment and after discussion I said I would carefully document the timing of the pain during my next Eliptical session the following day. I had an ipad on the book stand and jotted down the time the pain started, what it felt like, how it progressed and when it subsided. Because of that he convinced me that I should have an Angiogram that week. This was nearly 6 months after my first appointment because of my misstating my symptoms. Surprise, Surprise they found a 90% blockage in my LAD. They put in a Stent and I feel extremely lucky to have not had a heart attack. As I write this it's just 48 hours after the procedure but I feel fine. The lesson I want to bring to people though is pay very close attention to symptoms when you go to the Dr. because they will be paying close attention and you never know which symptom a Dr. will see as important.

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