I have a pacemaker because my pulse was running in the 30s and had a very irregular heartbeat. I have it for about 7 years now and i am starting to have irregular heartbeats again. I am to go in next month for a pacemaker checkup. I had one about 6 months ago and they said that i had about a year left on it. I have got to where that i do not trust the people that check my pacemaker. After i got my pacemaker i was so dizzy that i could not even make it to my kitchen. They checked my pacemaker and said that i had so many PVCS that no wonder that i was dizzy. I thought that a pacemaker was supposed to correct that. I am 81 years old now and guess that i will have it replaced. Hope that my heart does not stop while they are replacing it.

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by: Anonymous

Hang in there with that pacemaker. It seems that it would be worse without it. Good luck. God love you. Wife of bypass man w/pain

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