Pacemaker and Keyless Car Ignition

by Elva Robert
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I had had a pacemaker for many years without problems, then bought a Nissan Micra keyless entry and ignition car.

Wonderful car, but... keyless entry was fine, but had to carry a tiny remote all the time, thus when approaching the car it would pick up t he remote signal and unlock the car.

Once inside I did not have to use key to start ignition, just turned a knob and away we went...wonderful when hands full just get in and drive, no keys. but..I was sitting in radiowaves surrounding me. remote in handbag yes, thus the whole interior had radiowaves, harmless normally.

I was getting angina every time I got in my car.
I re attended pacemaker clinic, ...
visited cardiolgist with this problem.

THEN picked up the Nissan Micra it in curiousity of t he workings, and read the bold capital words DO NOT USE THIS CAR WITH A PACEMAKER CONSULT...

Then I realised all problems were pacemaker and keyless car!

Nissan agreed, no trader should sell the car without asking client if they or family have a pacemaker.

Cardiology clinic/cardiologists all met and discussed this danger and informed all pacemaker medical people plus makers of pacemaker.

Nissan informed all their firms selling the car they must ask client first.

Japan...where the Nissan originated also got into the understanding and also brought in this restriction.

Nissan covered all expenses to DE ACTIVATE THE CAR, no longer can it be keyless, but it is a great little car, no radiowaves now...NO ANGINA, no pacemaker problems.

Automobile Association in New Zealand also covered all this problem, informing everyone with similar keyless entry/ignition to BEWARE.

A warning. READ the car manual BEFORE BUYING, even though it is not given until after purchase, just ask.

I now have my pacemaker happy. and patient happy.
Elva Robert

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by: Anonymous

I just rented a Nissan Keyless and no one told me this and I was going to pick up a friend with a pacemaker...thank goodness I read this article. I don't like the car anyway and decided to read about it. This could be very serious and needs to be posted at all rental and Nissan Dealers

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