Open Heart triple bypass 69 yo female

by Connie
( Houghton Lake, Mich and Hudson,Florida)

Became ill in Jan 2010, Bilateral pneumonia, asthma, Chest pain on seven different ABTS and predisone from Apr 2010 to Aug. 2010 Was transported in April 2010 to Grayling Mercy , Mi by ambulance from Walmart in Houghton Lake Mi for sever chest pain , put on 24 hour hold Ct scan abd, echo cardiogram, troponin enzymes all cardiac labs done , chest xray, EKG, barium swallow study , ct scan chest, Persantene stress test, all tests neg.Referred to gastro Dr for possible gall bladder saw Dr. wanted me to come back when lung issue was resolved, saw lung Dr. in Cadillac said two hyperinflation areas noted on either side of the beginning of the large main stem bronchi lung side, Dx. Emphysema, home again on ABTS Predisone. chest pains continue, talked the Primary Dr. into having a MD Cardiologist look at all my test and report Dr. was reluctant but agreed said there was only a 10 % chance there was anything wrong cardiac, Cardiologist did her review on a Thur. said she could find nothing wrong but said she wanted to do a catherization because that was the only test that had not been done and she wanted to be positively sure Husband asked when can she do the test she said tomorrow if that wasn't to soon. Test done Fri. at Bay med, Bay city good news no stints bad new open heart triple bypass scheduled for am Mon. Aug. 30, three major arteries over 75% occulded one on a bifurcation. Surgery went well in hosp. 11 days , tremendous amt. of chest pain in the incision on chest no pain in the left saphanous vein, one month after surgery still on o2 cont. chest pain remains 5-6 6-7 healing taking place then abcesses form in between breast x three, saw Pa not surgeon in bay city office opened the abcesses and cleaned them out and sent me home to dress them my self twice a day took from Sept. 18th to Dec 20th 2010 for the wound to heal from the inside out, the stab wounds , and incision are still not totally healed four inches of the incision above the cleavage is hyper-plastic filled with collagen and the whole chest area remains painful and sensitive where the nerves were cut. the abcesses are has drawn up into a purse string knot and is uncomfortable with out a bra on, Have to sleep with a soft bra or the pain is too big. I saw my surgeon once for 2 minutes before the surgery , and never again dosen't see the patients his Pa's do I wouldn't recognize him if he fell in my lap today . It has been eight months since the surgery and I am still healing my cardiologist here in Florida that I came back to from Mi tells me try not to think about , Ok I'm Trying. Was told I would be good to go in 2 months.

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