by Mary DaRe-Dyer
(Adena. OH)

I remember taking my husband to his doctor to be released so he could return to work following his cartaid surgery 4 weeks prior. I remember slight chest pains in the center of my chest. The staff at his drs. office told him to get me to the hospital. I remember getting in the van and that's basically all i remember until i awoke in CCU a few days later. I was told I had a stent put in the back of my heart. a Doctor standing by my bedside introduced himself to me and holding my hand told me "I messed up it's all my fault" I found out later that something went terribly wrong and I bleed out. I had to have 7 pints of blood. then from what we were told they lost me and worked for 9 minuted to bring me back. during this whole incident no one came to tell my family my condition. heard it from a couple of nurses talking. 2 nurses at one point one had my id bracelet in her hand and said "Look at this name, the other nurse said she would remember that name for as long as she lives." spent 3 weeks in hospital had to get out while i had someone big and strong to get me home, my son. I came home in adult diapers, with a walker and a cane. Missed several holidays Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, try to make little grandkids understand that,

Am in my early 6o's can't get social security so nothing coming in since the end of October,

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