my triple heart bypass

by tom young
(kirkcaldy fife scotland)

in November 2010 I had a heart attack, was admitted to hospital,about 4 weeks later I had a triple heart bypass and in the last 16 months I have been in hospital with heart problems 8 times. Since my heart op. I cannot get any strength back in my legs which just go from underneath me without warning, yet my doctor says this is not a side effect of heart bypass ops and I had no leg problems before my op.

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Problems after Triple by pass finger and knee where veins removed

In 2010 I went to my Dr and was rushed off to the Hospital triple-by-pass. Everything seemed to be find was back to work in 2 months. Then about a year later almost to the same date of the by-pass my lt. middle finger blew up 3xs its size and couldn't bend and the pain they did 2 surgeries put me on infecious disease meds and all other stuff the my rt knee started swelling up one dr says it RA I never had a problem with my knee before if keeps filling up with fluid and very very painful I believe this is from the by pass but everyone says no the sed level is 4 that they say is ok for the RA I'm going in circles and not getting any help. Can't keep taking time off and can't stand the pain in the knee How could it be from both places they took the veins from and not be connected. Anyone ever heard of anything like this. Would appreciate they have me going to RA Dr and Othro Dr would like to get it fix but don't know from whom they just drain it. Any help Thanks

By-pass surgery
by: Dixie

I hope this note finds you feeling better.
I had two By-pass surgeries and two Pacemaker/Defibrillators installed. I also have trouble walking.
My problem is that the knees are worn out and a lower back vertibrey was fractured. Poor leg circulation could also cause your problem. I too doupt that the problem is caused as a result of your By-pass surgery. I would suggest that you have a bone test done, and have a Doctor take a good look at the knees and back area. I wish you the best!

Hell Tom
by: Anonymous

Hi Tom, I'm not a Dr nor do I play one on tv. My 1st question would be "How much heart damage do you have"? Blood clots ... oh Just found this for you ... .. I have it checked out ..

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