My Second Life

by anetta pele
(pago pago, america samoa)

Hi, my name is Anetta Pele i am from a south pacific island single mom of three children. Population about 65,000 so that's not a lot of us. I had two mechanical valved replacement my aorta and mitral. I had to leaved my island to get treatment. Because my island does not have the technology to do the surgery. So, i left February 25, 2011 to be with my brother and wife in Fort Worth Texas. Before, I left the island the specialist that was seeing me told me i have within 6 months to take care of this. The only test they did on me was ekg and echo. That's all they have on my island to go by. So, I left my three children to my mom to care for. i am blessed to have a caring mom, my children are 16,10 and 9 years old so they were grown up. To get to the point i had the surgery on July 14, 2011 at John Peter Smith hospital in Fort Worth Texas. I never felt better and relieved from the shortness of breathe. I was glad I did it because i was not planning to take care of it because i don't have that kind of money. My mom told me think about your kids not yourself. I thank my sister-in-law for all the help she had done for me. Finding assistance or program for low income family to afford the medical bills. I love love my scar, i think its beautiful. I left the facility on July 19, 2011 and came home on September 22,2011. I love to wear v-necks shirts to show off my scar. my mom would ask me if i am going to cover it. I told her no i don't mind people staring, because its a blessing and a reminder that i got a second chance of life to be here for my kids. Thanks to my families for their support to me and my mom. Especially my mom i am thankful and grateful for her to care for my kids.

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Not happy at all!
by: Anonymous

I am glad that all turned out well with you.

The issue of interest here is the fact that many people have been subjected to both physical, and emotional pain and suffering for a long time, due to a talked about Re-called "Lead wire" being installed in their body, and attached to a Pacemaker and/or Defibrilator.
Obviously you are not aware of this scenario, and are not among in this concerned group of people!

I wish you a healthy, and speedy recovery.

by: Anonymous

I am glad you are ok now. And am very impressed with your attitude. It is a blessing to have children and a blessing to have that second chance at good health to enjoy those children..good for you!!

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