My Recovery Part 3

by Barbara Y
(Cheshire, UK)

It's now nearly 9 weeks since my AVR op and things are still not going to plan!

I went to my GP last week for the results of my latest blood tests - I still have no energy and get very breathless with very little exertion and feel a little light headed whenever I walk. When I told my doctor how I was feeling he said it was obvious why from my blood tests - my kidneys aren't working properly. Apparently all the problems with my blood which were evident in hospital are down to my kidneys. They were working perfectly pre op!! Why was that not picked up in hospital and treated? My GP is now arranging an urgent appointment with a nephrologist.

On Friday the nephrologist secretary contacted me to say I needed more blood tests and would then get a clinic appointment. When I asked when that would be, she replied 'either 23rd or 30th June', so much for urgent! Since then I have done some research on the internet and it seems that the prognosis is not too good. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the damage to my kidneys is not permanent.

It seems to me that anything that could go wrong with my op has and I doubt my life will ever be the same again. How I wish I had never been persuaded to go ahead with the op.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has had the problems I've encountered, even if the outcome hasn't been good.

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