My quadruple heart surgery.

by Lim Tan

I am s fairly active male in my fifties before I found I had symptoms of heart problem.During my days in college ,I was fairly active in soccer,squash and the occasional jogging.I believed my heart problem lies in part to hereditary and a large part in the food I consumed.My diet would occasionally comprise fried food as in grilled meat,fried chicken ,food deep fried in oil and not enough greens and fruits.Be careful of the oil in the deep frying process as a lot of books by learned Doctors have pointed to the correlation of the free radicals in the oil heated to extreme temperature that are used to cook the fried food.

One day while playing golf and pulling my golf cart up a gradual slope,I found I tired easily .Putting it down to a tired body,I tried it again and found the breathlessness returning.I made an appointment with the cardiologist and true enough found several blockages and 4 stents were inserted by the cardiologist.Two years later ,I found myself having an indigestion problem and thought nothing of it.A week later ,the indigestion got worse after a meal and I made an appointment to see my cardiologist who suggested another stenting after doing an angiogram.Fortunately ,I then sought a second opinion from a visiting heart surgeon who studied my problem and recommended a quadruple by pass surgery the following week as my problem was a total blockage in my right coronary artery despite having the four stents earlier.Don't worry too much about the surgery as you would have placed your trust with your surgeon.I made my peace with the Creator just before the surgery and before you know what has happened,you are awake at the ICU ward.A positive attitude is very helpful in the recovery stage .Ask all the questions you need from the surgeon and the nurses who take care of you while you are in the ward.Your mobility would be compromised due to the harvesting of the saphenous veins from your leg and the stitches down your chest from the CABG.Coughing and sneezing can be a painful experience.Minimal movement at the chest area and the affected leg will help with the healing process.Don't worry too much from what you read from the internet about having depression or negative issues.Just be positive and be thankful that you have come out from the surgery with the all clear signs.A careful diet and reduction of sugar is recommended as sugar intake tends to cause inflammation and itchiness of the wounds.In time you will take the usual exercise that your body can handle.Don't rush the healing process.I went back to playing golf after six months to allow the sternum to heal properly.I now carry a bottle of GTN with me all the time .It is two years after my CABG and I am doing well.Take life as it comes and I avoid fried food and now only use coconut oil and palm oil for cooking.I take a lot of fruits,greens and reduce my sugar intake in my coffee.Good luck .
Lim Tan.

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Our stories are remarkably similar
by: Brian from North Carolina

I had my triple bypass almost two years ago Lim. Amazing the coincidences, from how it happened to how we've handled it. I wish continued blessings to you, and to those blessed by your continued stay on earth.

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