my pacemaker

by Lisa

I've had my pacemaker for 2 weeks now. I needed it b/c my hr was in the 20's & 30's. It is set to not go below 60 bpm or higher than 120 bpm. However, I keep feeling like my heart is doing "flip flops" in my chest & throat. That makes me very anxious which speeds up my hr, which makes me feel tired. I hate this feeln & don't know if it's normal. I feel like I'm becoming a paranoid freak! It makes me depressed.

Can anyone pls tell me if this is normal or not? I realize I'm gonna feel different & it's gonna take awhile 4 my body 2 get use to this. But is the "flip flop" feeling normal?

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once like you and got no answers!
by: doug gero

Hi, my name is Doug Gero, I have had a pacemaker now for 20 yrs. Been thru hell and back. was also a truck driver for 35 yrs. I drove with the symptoms that you talk about - took, nitros to get rid of the pain. Made it a long ways, but I hope what I tell you at this early stage helps you, where they did not help me.

Maybe they will get what you tell them and what I tell you and put it all together, and understand what is going on. I had pain every once in awhile. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I got sick when my heart would flip flop. I told doctors and they could not understand what I said. after 14 yrs I was sent to a specialist in Vermont and he found what it was. He turned the pacemaker down to 48 BPM and shut the fast side off. Now I feel a LOT better.

I hope you understand what I ask you next, do you feel the pace maker work when it does work. Very important??!! If you could call me I would like to talk to you very much.. What does your doctor say about what is happening??

If you can call me please leave me a number I can call you back at if you miss me. thank you. 518-529-oo69. hope to hear from you.
Douglasa A. Gero.

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