My open heart

by Ronnie Taulbee
(Franklin, Ohio)

I am a fifty year old male that had open heart surgery this year, (2011) on March 21st. I had had a few times when I was feeling chest pain and tightness in my chest, but I really thought it was something to do with my breathing, and nothing to worry about. After a few weeks of this, my mother and I were going to visit my sister in the hospital, at the time she was having problems form colon cancer, my sister died March the 24th, and my surgery was on the 21st. Margie Taulbee was her name. I had told my mother about the problem that I was having and she suggested me going to the ER and having them check me out, and so I did. I did not pass the stress test and the next thing I knew my family doctor was calling and telling me to get to a cardiologist asap. I did and he scheduled me an appointment for a heart calv for the following month, but I did not make it that long, and instead had a problem at home and ended up at the Atrium Hospital in Middletown Ohio. There they did the heart clav and found that I had five blockages and all to the front of my heart. WOW! This is a shock! So they informed me that the blockages were what they called the widow makers! SO the surgery was scheduled for the day or two after the heart calv. I then remember opening my eyes to all of the tubes and hoses that were in and around me. After a short while, the nurses removed my nose and throat tubes. Shortly after that, I was relocated to my hospital room where I spent nearly two full weeks. My recovery while in the hospital went pretty good. Although, my intestines had dilated very large from the surgery and I could not have a bowel movement, they still let me return home. There I had a at home nurse come only once since I do not have inusrance, and from there it was the usual check up after thirty days, and the usual cariiologist visits from there. Here I am now, the 2nd of August, just a month and a day from being 51, and did not do the cardio rehab, again no insureance, but I do a lot of walking and I was in the gym alot before the surgery, and plan to return soon. I found that I had a lot of support from doctors and family and friends in the beginging and now it is really up to me to understand what has happend and why. I inherited all that is wrong with my heart, nothing I did caused it to happen, but at the same time, I have to learn how to cope with it and to be able to make nessecary changes. If I don't, an if anyone that has had this, don't we will end up back at this point, only sooner! So get off the pitty party, get off the couch and your butts, and do what you can to make your life better. I did apply for social security, but not an answer as of yet. I am a hairstylist, so standing a lot is what I do, so who knows how that will make me feel, I have not been back after my surgery. I am to go back soon. Wish me luck. I think that the worst of this is to know that sooner or later, I will have problems that relat to my surgery, as far as more problems with blocking of arteries, and such, this sucks, but is in my future none the less. That is why changes have to be made to be better!!! At this time, I am wating to see if I do get approved for the social security,. From what the doctors are saying, there is no chance of me getting it. That does not make sense due to the fact that insurance compaines will not even consider writing me a policy for health insurance, and even life insurance will not accept me untill two years down the road. so, if I am "OK" why is it that the damn insurance compaines will not take a chance on me??? If someone can answer that please reply!!! Thanks, my name is Ronnie Taulbee. My email is if someone wants to chat about it just hit me up there. Thanks. By the way, I work for the ElderBeermans Salon in the Dayton Mall.

Ronnie Taulbee

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Your in my prayers
by: Anonymous


I wish you all the best in life. I had a heart attack a year ago and had to have stent put into my LAD, and then was told you have CAD and will have this the rest of your life. Have a sleep from the procedure wasn't sure what was going on because the doctor telling me I was two weeks away from death. Not a pretty sight when you a sinlge working mom with three beautiful children, who exercised daily. Maybe this was awake up call from the good man above telling me to slow down and take care of myself insteand of everyone around me.

A year later I was back in the hospital with another heart attack and PVC,now with a total of 5 more blockages, two at 50% and 3 at 20% so it's just a matter of time before I see death, another stent, or bypass surgery. I ask myself daily " why me" what did I do to inherit this horrible disease. I have helped everyone my entire life.

Right now, all I want is a chair on the beach with a good book to let me ponder, and redirect my life.

God Bless,

Your in my prayers.

by: Glenn in Thailand

Ronnie ...Congratulations, you did the right thing and now you are alive with the prospect of a long and healthy life. Things can look a little decimal at first after bypass heart surgery, however after a short while you will feel good, maybe better than before. You can read other post on this site and see the positive stories including my own.... Who knows or understands insurance companies, but after a while they will insure you... stay positive and smile, it's good for your heart..
Wishing you the best..

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