My open heart survey and my scar are who I am and I love it!!!!

by Kimberley Brown-Smith
(Sacramento, ca)

My name is Kimberley Brown-smith I had open heart surgery at Stanford university medical center on February 22, 1974 .I am 45 years old and on my birthday I celebrate and i am happy to be here. But birthday #2 my rebirth day ( the day of my open heart surgery) I have charity called the Red Dress Ball where I raise money to give to other children and families like me. I belong to the zipper club and I'm very proud of my scar its who I am and my surgery has impacted my life. I plan to write a children's book to help children post - open heart surgery on how to feel and belong with their special heart. I also am writing a book called affairs of the heart. About my life and the affairs of my heart literally and figurative. I would love to talk with anyone needing help or advise or just to talk regarding life after surgery. I love my heart and I want everyone else to know that you too can be happy and normal ,but a little different then everyone else because you are in the special club . When your heart is opened you will always find love.......

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a little advice
by: Emma's auntie

My 5 year old neice had heart surgery almost a year ago. We are so greatfuk to have our princess back to 100% recently she has started to be more aware if her scar and us wondering when it will go away. She is now in achool and is realizing other children don't have the scar. Have you written your book? If so, where can I purchase it? Any advise you have on how you came to deal with it would be greatly appreciated. My email is

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