My Open Heart Surgery Follows Me Each Day

by Emmy

I had OHS in June 2001, I was about to turn 16-years old. Not exactly my idea of a great birthday gift, wouldn't you agree? Needless to say, the experience was difficult to get through and very traumatic. It took me a good 2 months to feel close to 100%, and even then I was slightly out of breath when performing the simplest tasks. However, when I recovered physically, I was still in need of healing my mental state. I was left with a large red, thick scar down the center of my chest. Over the years it formed a keloid at the very tip top, with the rest looking fairly flat and nicely-healed. This has been stressful and upsetting for me. To have someone ask you "what's that?" or say "eew" is hurtful and emotionally damaging. Sometimes, it's really hot out and I want to wear a cute, low-cut tank top like everyone else! I always hoped people would admire my OHS scar as a badge of honor. Instead, because of the keloid, I feel deformed and unappealing. I tried every serum, cream and silicone sheet known to man. Not much of a significant difference. I had 4 lidocaine-diluted steroid shots 2 years ago and saw some slight improvement. I just started this procedure again with a different doctor, using a stronger dose. After the first dose, it already looks better and lighter in color. I hope this helps someone dealing with the same problem in regards to keloids and traumatic surgeries. Good luck on your continuous recovery!

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