My open heart scar

by Catherine Brolet
(New Haven, CT)

I dont mind it all, the scar. I'm 40YO. I wear whatever I want & feel great about it. Anybody with 1/2 a brain knows what it is. I get more questions cuz of my age, than my scar.

My surgery was 2 months ago this past Sunday (july 17th).
It was shocking & it was horrible!! The breathing tube was the worst. I had to be bound to the bed & knocked back out. But 6 hours later they pulled it out & wow!! Never again!! The suction tube that is the stomach, I could feel it sticking all over my throat all the way up, like a tiny vacuum.
BUT!! Then to my amazement they took out the drainage tube 2 days later. It was as if a 3ft sword was removed from my body. And leta not forget all the tape they ripped off... GOOD TIMES!!
Now besides over doing it, every single day, and getting in trouble w/ the doc... I dont like when the breast bone moves. It clicks & pops. It hurts. And one good sneeze can distroy your entire day..

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First winter after surgery
by: Anonymous

OK!! The cold is real bad. Anything under 60 degrees, all i do is cough & cough & buckle over, so I can cough some more. I don't stop till I warm up some. Coughing is still better than sneezing,
My father who had open hart 3 weeks after me... (may, 2011) still not so good, another staff infection, still on IV antibiotics. They're thinking about a 3rd surgery to try & remove broke bones fragments, (he coughed open open the breast bone). I will never do this again, I'd rather die.

My Heart Surgery Scar
by: gglenie

I Had Heart Surgery in 2001. My Scar Healed Up Very Well. There Was No Pain. 6 years later my chest started to hurt and it has been hurting off and on ever since. The Scar is so tender and when you press on it really really hurts. The ER doctor said that the staples that they used to close my chest bone are probably irritating the scar. I am in misery a lot of the time. I wonder what can be done besides just taking pain meds all the time....Let Me Know Please...Thank You!!!

3 Months Later...............
by: Catherine Brolet

It was 3 months on Wed (8/17/11) sense my surgery. Why, O WHY!!! Does my breast bone still hurt so much? Some days (like today) really bad. I have have the most pain on the left side up high. Why? It has hurt there the whole time & I thought by now, it would of stopped. Any suggestions????

those damn suction tubes
by: Brian from North Carolina

Funny story about mine getting taken out. They brought around a whole class full of nurses in training. One poor girl drew the short straw. She was nervous. I was nervous. Her touch was far from delicate. Matter of fact it hurt like hell and I cursed out loud. Embarrassed her a bit, I think. Two days later, when I'm out of intensive care and get assigned a regular nurse? Guess who it was? That's right. Miss let-me-pull-a-rib-or-two-out-with-this-tube nurse. I was scared half to death. Spent the next two days complimenting her in every way I knew how. Figured she'd be less likely to kill me that way.

by: Anonymous

hang in there Catherine!!!!! each day you will feel a slight bit better. my brother in law just went thru a quintuple (5) bypass and is going thru the same feelings and sentiments as you... but you both know that in time, you will feel better than you did before the surgery.
we all go thru scars all of our lives and it's no wonder nosey people ask you..think of it as a life saving reminder!!!
feel better and keep smiling!!

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