My Mystery solved at last..

by Rosemary Ross
(Wasaga Beach, Ont.)

Hello....I am a new recipient of a Pacemaker.....For 18-20 years I have been experiencing this strange feelings wash over me which would make me feel weak and want to sit down....sometimes I didn't have to sit down just wait till the feeling passed.....I had gone to my Dr. to tell him what I was experiencing and I had x-rays and cardiograms and everything else but no diagnosis was found...everything seemed to be normal....To years ago, these feelings became stronger, I never knew when I would have these feelings but the first was at my druggist office when I collapsed beside the counter and scared the heck out of the staff...I managed to get up off the floor and had a glass of water... I felt ok to leave...the second collapse was when I was visiting friends at their cottage up North....I was drying the dishes and felt the feeling coming and down I went to the floor...the next three were in my home and finally, while we were camping two weekends ago, I didn't really feel well all weekend , I had two or three of these feelings wash over me but just sat down and rested for a minute...We had to take our RV home so I went into the house to check our phone messages...I was responding to one and was telling my friend that I had not felt well when I felt one of these feelings...I said to my friend that I would have to sit down but I never made the chair, I collapsed on to the floor...I got up after a while and went to the door to find my husband and I told him I felt I must go to the hospital as I had passed out the Hospital, the Dr. put me on a monitor and said that if I could feel one of these feelings coming on, to push the button and he would be there immediately...It must have been meant to be because I did have one of these feelings and did as he asked and he knew immediately what was happening, my heart was slowing down (29) during these sessions...I saw the cardiologist and after looking at my charts said the same here I am...people ask me how I am feeling far as I am concerned, I feel fine but I don't actually know what I am supposed to feel really I just know that that I'm relieved I won't be having any more of these feelings again as I have the help I need....I would also like to add that the care I received in both the Collingwood and Newmarket hospitals was excellent.

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