My Heart Under Repair

by Jim
(Mountville, PA)

Last year, I had a rude awakening! I needed open heart bypass surgery! How could this be! I'm too young for this - 58! This is my last year in education - 35 years and my last! I don't have time for this!

October 2010 I notices a "tightness" in my chest! I was mowing the lawn and I stopped to catch my breath. I thought is was just tired, doing too much! But each week it seemed to get more difficult to rake leaves, walk up steps, and even walk around the school.

So, in November, I told my wife. Went to my family doctor, and the whirlwind started! The cardiologist skipped the stress test and sent me for a heart catheterization. What they found was three blockages - 50%, 60%, & 99%! Lucky for me it wasn't the widow maker!

I was still in denial, maybe it was a dream! Maybe I could do without surgery - a stent or two would fix it! I would be fine and back to work to finish my last year!

No such luck. The location of the blockages would mean open heart by-pass surgery! Reality was here & the operation was a day away! What a feeling the night before surgery! I was facing the biggest operation of my life! And would I wake up? Would there be complications. The concept & procedure of open heart surgery was overwhelming!

Finally a calmness came over me and after praying about it, I found a visualization! I focused on God's hands holding my surgeons hands as the surgery started. That is how I dozed off as the anesthesia started to do it's job!

After one year, this Christmas will be different! Last year, the twelve days of Christmas was the number of days from my surgery to Christmas! December 13th was the surgery, and 12 days later it was Christmas! This year I am thankful for family(an awesome wife), friends, medical people, and the people that assisted me during cardiac rehab! One year after open heart by-pass surgery! A Christmas and New Year to be thankful!

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by: Brian from North Carolina

Congratulations on a year with your "new" heart Jim. Mine's about a year and half (triple bypass at age 49) and I share your thankfulness. And of course your occasional fears. And all that goes with it. Keep doing what your docs say. The notion that the hand that's touching you is being guided by yet another, stronger, wiser hand? High fives on that. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

by: Anonymous

Thank god! Have a merry Christmas and enjoy a healthy new year. Glad you are on the road to good health. You'll be back mowing that lawn come summer!!

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