My Heart Surgery

by Arch

What were the first signs you had a problem?

High cholesterol and triglycerides

How was your health previously?

Never that great when it comes to physical fitness

What were your risk factors?

Mostly my aversion to exercise.

Did you have a heart attack? Surgery? Complications?

I had a mild heart attack five years ago. An angiogram revealed blockages that required a quadruple bypass.

Did you go to cardiac rehab? I was quite active for two years and then gradually lost interest

How long did it take for you recover? How are you doing now?

The first month was the worst. I find the weather in my area discouraging for outdoor exercise. I did not have any heart damage so I'm still a tad better at things like mowing the lawn than I was just before my heart attach.

What changes did you make in your lifestyle?

Mostly diet and exercise.

Have you overcome a particular challenge? What challenges do you continue to experience?

Anxiety disorder

Where did/are you getting the most support?

Reading books relevant to surviving heart surgery.

What has your situation taught you?

Just that some people are prone to heart disease while others are not.

What advice can you give to others?

Take your physical fitness seriously at an early age. Be aware in your early years about the hazards of dietary cholesterol and saturated fats. Avoid doing damage to your arteries prior to adulthood.

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A fellow Canadian
by: Sandra

Hi Arch,
Thanks for sharing. Your last paragraph is an important reminder for all of us!

Keep in touch.

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