my dad

hello i am writing this due to my dad having a quadruple bypass 2 years ago....everyday is a struggle for my dad he is gaining weight he sweats all the time he just cant seem to do anything any more...i am really scared i am just looking for some feed back as to how long is the life expectancy for this bypass my dad also has emphysema from smoking he no longer smokes and hasn't since before his surgery but i am scared cause he just has a hard time breathing he can barely walk down the stairs etc....someone please help me i am lost i love my dad so much he is my everything and without him i wont have anything....what is the life expectancy????

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my dad
by: Anonymous

plesse tr not to worry i am going through same with my dad it hurts so much doesnt it they say bt passes last 10 to 15years but i dont think about it what i tend to do is just love my dad more and more each day and spend as much time as i can with him weve got are dads with us and that is the main thing.lots of luck try and think positive.IGC

Fear not:
by: A.H.

I had a quadruple bypass in 1995. Fifteen years later I had a second bypass (a tripple)in late 2010. Tell your Dad to reduce the Carbs and salt.
The additional weight could prove to be detrimental.
Also insist that your Dad have his Thyroid checked.
The symptoms mentioned indicate a negative Thyroid
condition may be in need of attention.
I wish you and your Dad the best..

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