Mrs. Maria

by Maria
(Weston, Fl, 33026)

Im a 55 year old mother of two fine boys one is 14 and the other 12. I woke up early as usual to walk my dogs, half a block into my walk I felt a pain in my chest and I had to stop and turn around. Then I drove my boys to school and I ask my one son that has asthma what it felt like, I thought I might have asthma, maybe I developed allergies. When I got back home I started researching it on the Internet, because I was turned down for medical insurance because of high blood pressure. The discomfort in my chest got worse walking around the house I felt pain. Every night I would cry because I didn't know if I would wake up the next morning. I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. I kept telling myself if I can just hold off till October 2013 to get medical then I would go to a doctor. But the pain got worse. So I found a cardiologist who saw me even though here in Florida they don't like to see anyone without insurance. God answered my prayers. I went in and they did a a test that showed I had an abnormal EKG and that I could have a heart attach at any moment. They took me into the Cather room but because of where the blockage was they had to do open heart surgery instead. A week after my surgery, I feel a little achy under my shoulder blade. I've started walking a little faster. I can't wait until i'm fully recovered so that I can find a job. The medical bill for this was over $200,000. We plan on taking out a line of credit on our house.

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