Mother of 4 in Georgia

by Chasity
(Atlanta Ga)

Hello, its comforting to know that I'm not the only miracle out there. I am a 31 year old mother of 4. On July 11, 2011 i gave birth to my wonderful baby girl and had no complications with her birth. I was discharged from the hospital as normal. 9 days later I started having pain in my throat that felt like heart burn or acid reflux and this only intensified as did anything i was at home cleaning and moping and I began to get extremely short of breath and tired, shaky and nervous. I took my blood pressure and it was 200/130. I finally called the ambulance and and was immediately given aspirin because my arms and neck started to go numb.....Long story short I was told that I had two heart attacks and no one knew why. the test were performed the same day and it was found that I had dissected 3 arteries in my heart and they were just hanging and blood was just gushing. No one know how I survived (but I do it was GOD) and the next day I was rushed into surgery where i under went a triple and thank God was all I could say. i spent 3 days in ICU and total of 14 days in the hospital. the doctors asked did i have a history of heart trouble in my family and the answer was no...i dont and have never smoke, i dont drink, I dont even eat fried chicken..i weigh 160 and im 5 feet 7inches all i can say is that i was chosed to bear this because God knew i could handle it. im am most greatful and i wear my scar proudly its not a small scar at all its really big, but people say its a scar, i say its a testimony. its now a year and 3 months later and for the most part I am doing fine. i am on a few meds incliding plavix, mertopolol, lisonopril, lasix, pravastatin, potasium, carvedilol and a another that was recently added. Nevertheless life is great and I am most thankful to be amongst the living.

Be blessed

Chasity B.

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