by michalina zdendiak
(Bradford )

I had major heart surgery earlier this year one in January and the second in February as their was fluid around my heart. The surgery was on my tricuspid valve as i have a ebsteins anomaly, i had to have the surgery in another hospital as the a surgeon who was supposed to do the surgery but he was not allowed to come to the UK to do the surgery .

,The team In the Bristol heart institute were excellent as the post op care in Leeds is excellent too. and i just wish to say a big thanks to you all

I still get very bad pains on the scar site 10 weeks post op but i persevere and am thankful for the help i received .
I do attend rehab clinic and one of my many aims is to try and help others .
I find wearing bras very painful therefore i wear a scarf around my chest and a support vest which i ensure that their is the scarf around my breasts this is due to the discomfort and pain on my op sites .
I am still unable to work as a nurse but i definitely wish to return to work later on this year.
I am motivated and make myself go to the gym each day to do gentle exercise , i walk at least 10,000 steps per day .
I do take painkillers but i do wake up each morning at 5 or 6am with pain .
The best thing is to keep motivated , i am thinking of the future and would love to help other people who get into a similar position .
I am now on benefits which i have never been on as i have always worked , i feel that people who have worked all their lives and have to have surgery need more financial support as if you are like me you have no idea where to go for assitance .
I have been told by the rehab clinic that they wish to do a dvd for patients who may need to have the surgery in the future and they wish for patients who have been through the procedure to be interviewed on their thoughts and journeys

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