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February 25, 2009Know Your Numbers! Your Heart Health Depends on it!

February is heart month - a good time to check in on your heart health. As the month comes to a close, encourages people to know their numbers to reduce their heart disease risk.
February 4, 2009What's Love Got To Do With It?

Heart health is dependent on many factors. One of the factors that may surprise you is... love!
January 23, 2009Pets: A Prescription for a Healthy (and Happy) Heart!

Pets are known to benefit heart health. Whether it's the calming effect of petting an animal, the stress-draining impact of a friendly greeting, or the need to get out for regular exercise with your pet, there are great advantages to having an animal in your life.
pets and heart health

pets and heart health
October 8, 2008Have a Heart Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, like other major holidays, is a wonderful time. But it can be a time of stress. Here are some tips to help reduce the stresses and increase the pleasure you get from this special time of year.
August 22, 2008So... You Think it Can't Happen to You?

Too many people live with a sense of denial about their risk factors for developing heart disease. This story presents a case study of one such individual and should serve as a reminder to not take your health for granted.
June 5, 2008Walking, foot for foot, is the best exercise
for your heart

It's hard for some people to believe, but the simple act of walking regularly has significant heart health benefits!
May 10, 2008Living with Heart Disease Changes Your Life
(Cdn. Version)

Living with Heart Disease Changes Your Life
(US Version)

Millions are living with heart disease... here's a resource to help do it successfully.



After Sandra Thornton's heart incident in December 2004, and her completion of an excellent rehab program, she found herself looking for resources, products, and information to aid her in her continued recovery.

She found many good resources that were medical in nature, and others that, although they contained lots of information, just didn't provide the information and support for living with heart disease that she was looking for.

She set about creating to provide others with more than just a source of information and products, but a voice that speaks "from the heart", a site written by someone who is living with heart disease... someone who lived through the fears of those early days when there were too many unknowns, someone who understands the emotional roller-coaster others are experiencing, someone who knows the feeling that their body betrayed them, someone who had a million questions that needed answers.

In other words, she set about creating the website she needed when she discovered she had heart disease.

Today, although the site is far from finished, it is already fulfilling Sandra's desire to help others and is creating a community for those with heart disease to share their experiences and get much of the information they need to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

About the Creator of this Website

Sandra Thornton served on the national board of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada from 2000 until 2002. She was on the board of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT, and Nunavut from 1995 through 2005, including serving as the first female president of the Foundation from 2000 to 2002.

Sandra currently sits on the Strategy Council of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and is involved with The Heart Truth, a national awareness campaign to educate Canadian women about their risk of heart disease and stroke.

Sandra is a professional communicator who has worked in communications, marketing, and management for over 25 years. Educated at the Ontario College of Art, with a degree from Athabasca University, and accredited by the Canadian Public Relations Society, Sandra has won numerous awards for her work.

Sandra is an enthusiastic public speaker who has spoken at many conferences and events on the two subjects about which she is passionate - communications, and heart disease.

In 2007 she created to support others living with heart disease.

For more information about Sandra, see Why This Site

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